Architecture Awards 2020

79 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Aug20061 Best Interior Design Studio 2020 – Europe & Best Sustainable Living Space Design Project 2020 (Germany): Peace House Project by Emell Gök Che Emell Gök Che founded Studio Artemell in 2008 and has since poured her artistic passion into the company and her work. As a multi-award winner of both the Best Interior Design Studio 2020 – Europe and the Best Sustainable Living Space Design Project 2020 (Germany) for the Peace House Project, we caught up with Emell Gök Che to find out how she brings her artistic flair to her projects. tudio Artemell is an award-winning studio for interior and product design. Located in Berlin, the studio is led and founded by visual artist and designer Emell Gök Che. Since 2008, the studio has worked to combine contemporary design with ecological and sustainable values, in order to create innovative spaces that are unique, subtle and expressive at the same time. Emell Gök Che builds bridges between simplicity, liveliness, art, design, aesthetics and functionality, resulting in works with classic potential, which are an expression of her minimalist and at the same time artistic signature. It works towards Emell Gök Che’s personal vision and insight, and is shaped by her particular flair for design that she has developed over the years of working in the industry. Emell Gök Che and her studio’s work have received not one, but two awards for their fantastic and boundary pushing work. One for the incredible interior design work that they have been producing, and one for Emell Gök Che’s personal venture, the Peace House Project. It only takes a cursory glance at the studio’s Instagram page to see that spades of talent go into each and every project. Their use of bold colours and clean lines make any space look modern and enviable. When asked how she approaches a project, Emell Gök Che said “The first step is the inventory of the current state. After that, we proceed to determine the desired state, by taking into consideration the values of the customer. We analyse which styles, furniture, colours, fabrics etc. the customer prefers. This is the basis for the room concept we develop.” Each and every space, location and customer, in her eyes, is unique in its own way. She strives to understand this individuality and marry the space, the customer’s wishes, and her own talent and creativity. Eventually, she crafts these factors into a well- rounded and holistic concept. One of the more freeing aspects of her work is when she is hired by more open-minded customers. She said that “the open-minded customers get the best room concepts because they leave room for new ideas.” Together, this open mindedness breeds creativity and lets the most breath-taking rooms take shape. Sometimes when working with businesses rather than private clients, this can be a tricky obstacle to navigate – after all, S businesses often have their own agendas, ideas and restrictions. Luckily, Emell Gök Che is very passionate about her personal projects and indulging in these lets her experiment in a free environment, learn, and grow as a designer. Ultimately, this comes to benefit her customers. One of her most impressive projects is the Peace House Project, which has been named the Best Sustainable Living Space Design Project 2020 in Germany. The Peace House itself is an exploration into minimalist space and can be seen as a reinvention of the way we live. The idea is to produce a smaller home as sustainably as possible and strip out the bloated extras that modern homes come with. As the design is further refined, it will become more affordable, and could provide hope to younger generations who are growing into a world where owning property is becoming ever more impossible for them. Furthermore, Emell Gök Che is keen to explore the ways in which a minimalist and uncluttered home can help people engage with and nurture their inner peace, whilst provide a greater mental wellbeing and balance. Hence the name, Peace House. Emell Gök Che is overflowing with powerful ideas and the talent to make them a reality. Not only are her personal projects flourishing, but she has developed Studio Artemell into an incredible and forward-thinking business, and she is fully deserving of the recognition she is getting. Company: Studio Artemell Contact: Emell Gök Che Website: