Architecture Awards 2020

70 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Jul20223 Best Interior Design Studio 2020 - South East France ince starting her studio, Votre Décoratrice, in 2014, Laurence Levy has taken on bigger and bigger challenges, overcoming obstacles and showing that there is no reason for us to stick to the same old mindset when it comes to interior designs. Votre Décoratrice work as a single point of contact for customer projects in decoration, interior architecture, layout and merchandising. As a designer, she has always believed in the eloquence of the simplicity of things in their natural state. Her designs seek to capture a new, modern way of living; not linear (I plant, I consume, I throw away) but circular (I plant, I consume, I create). From the beginning, Votre Décoratrice has offered clients a vision that seeks to make the occupant aware of their daily environment, of what they breathe, and of the energy and sound that surrounds them. The idea at the heart of Laurence Levy’s work is to educate project leaders who, on the whole, are showing more and more interest in the ecological aspect of architecture. They simply do not know how to effectively implement it as an approach. One client wrote: “What particularly pleased us is her commitment to her specialization in ecological materials: depolluting paints and sustainable materials which are no more expensive than industrial materials. I highly recommend Laurence Levy for her creativity, her modern vision of spaces and decorations, as well as the speed at which she works.” In order to help realise her larger than life designs that push the boundaries of what the industry is capable of, Laurence makes a point of seeking out craftsmen who are willing to go outside of their comfort zone. And then, once they are involved, it is time to let everyone’s imagination take flight on the building site! The collaborative response to the challenge yields amazing results, which are evident in the finished products. The first and most important thing to ask about a space up for renovation is “who is the personality who will live here?” To be a successful design, it has to resonate with the person who will exist in the space. Laurence Levy takes the time to carry out appointments, whether in person or via the internet if at a great distance, with all her clients so that she can dig into the heart of what they want a space to reflect. S Recently, the studio has worked on the renovation of a structure classified as a heritage building. It contained a small collection of three apartments that were to be rented and was located in the heart of the city. The studio had to overcome a previous, poorly carried out renovation. When the team moved in to start work, the master builder quickly discovered an entire fireplace and supporting beam hidden behind a counter-wall. Jumping on the discovery as an opportunity, the project design was modified to optimise the extra space. As the globe has ground to a halt to deal with the ongoing virus, the bureaucratic aspect of the business has become more difficult. Permits take longer to get finalised, and the management of the building sites has become more difficult – 20% of the building sites in her region are still closed, and construction of new housing is falling. Still, this hasn’t dampened Laurence Levy’s passion for making the world a more sustainable place. In the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region where she works, the warm weather means that buildings need to be insulated from the heat, not the cold. Insulation, though, is one area where there is a lot of work still to be done in order to normalise the prescription of efficient and ecological insulation materials. Company: Studio Votre Décoratrice Contact: Laurence Levy Website: Laurence Levy’s studio, Votre Décoratrice, is the place to go to for breath-taking, ecological, elegant designs. She draws, designs and imagines beautiful, sober and environmentally friendly living environments and works with like-minded craftsmen to make them a reality. Their bold work demands attention and has earned them the award for the Best Interior Design Studio 2020 – South East France. Photography Credits: © Marion Mannevy