Architecture Awards 2020

48 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Jul20185 Best Artistic Architecture Studio 2020 – Mexico & Best Completed Innovative Commercial Project (Mexico): Zak Ik Store o call Roth Architecture a company seems discordant with its central ethos; an organisation, perhaps, a design studio, yes – but fundamentally, it is a tribe with a mission; to create interior and exterior spaces, furniture and furnishings that coalesce with nature. Supported by the three columns of their founding values – art, nature and ancestry – the tribe create together, with the same people who work with macramé and ceramics also taking part in the creation of architectural models, and vice versa. The organisation works to reconnect with themselves, others and the environment, constantly learning from the Mayans in the Yucatan Peninsula and the Shipibos in Amazonia, original communities that Roth Architecture has established links with. Learning about ancient construction techniques, ceramics, macramé and organisational forms, Roth Architecture is also able to celebrate the ties between ancestry and craftsmanship. As our understanding of life is lost amongst the confusion of modernity, artisan work is able to reconnect us as human beings. Roth Architecture uses minimal planning for the construction of their spaces, preferring to improvise based on the features of a site and act on spontaneous ideas. However, for third party clients, plans are essential so as to fulfil the requirements and ensure customer satisfaction. However, improvisation remains integral to the process, as the tribe builds organic, asymmetric and irregular things without preconceptions or influences from what has come before. Building every element of a project – from the building, to the sinks, to the cushions – themselves, Roth Architecture prides themselves on the precision, effectivity and utility of each of their projects and designs. These high standards have earned the tribe global recognition, with their tableware even being chosen by Dior as their corporate gifts. Despite the accolade they have received, in particular for their work on the Sfer Ik which is being recognised as a Leading Cultural Destination for Latin America, Roth Architecture is in no competition with any other architecture or design studios. With a unique approach to business activity, the tribe is adaptable to any circumstance, unconcerned about how much or how little work they get, and with no time for specialisation. The space they have cultivated for creative possibility means that anyone can unveil hidden talents, and someone who was cleaning pools two months ago can now be an outstanding architectural model maker. T With many projects underway, including a hotel that will hang above the trees on the Tulum coast and a restaurant that will have water nests floating along the jungle surface, Roth Architecture is excited about the challenges and opportunities ahead. These designs will work harmoniously with nature, learning from it while also protecting and making minimal impact upon it. Relying on the infinite scope of their dreams and imaginations, the tribe’s projects will continue to push the boundaries of architecture in an exceptional cohesion of nature and design. While the global outbreak of Covid-19 has meant a slower progression of their projects, Roth Architecture remain confident, with exciting projects across Amazonia and Mexico currently in the works. While the details are still yet to be publicised, the tribe is excited about the opportunities to reach out to and learn from tribes within other communities and regions, introducing them to new cultures and ways of life. According to the tribe at Roth Architecture, reconnecting with other communities is an intrinsic element of human DNA. However, as the world unites in the face of Coronavirus, Roth Architecture believes we are facing a turn in the road for the way we live now, and our responsibility for the future. Currently, we live in a built-up world that is more adapted to the Internet of Things, than it is to the natural environment, and this is neither environmentally sustainable, financially viable nor ethically or aesthetically compliant. Roth Architecture is betting on a different way of life, one that is related to nomadism. With this will bring an experience of detachment but a very different relationship to the environment that consists of respect, admiration, adaption and impermanence. For the tribe at Roth Architecture, this is the future of architecture, and the sooner we move to this method of habitation, the better. Company: Roth Architecture Contact: Denisse Silva - CEO Assistant Web address: Roth Architecture is an architecture studio unlike any other. Since the organisation’s inception, Roth Architecture has operated as a tribe, closely connected to the natural world and working, collaborating and creating together. Rooted in the combination of the three fundamental pillars of nature, ancestry and art, the studio is looking to the future of civilisation, and how the evolution of architecture will hold a vital responsibility for the way we live.