Architecture Awards 2020

47 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Jul20116 Recognised Leaders in Maximising Architectural Value 2020 & Best Modern Contemporary Residential Tower Development Design (UK) AQUA Architecture is a RIBA Chartered practice with a difference. Providing services in residential, commercial, sports, hospitality and urban design, AQUA is also committed to making a positive social and environmental impact, utilising their signature green design strategies in all their projects, particularly in respect to social and low-cost housing developments. As the firm receives accolade for their recent tower development project, we spoke to Founder Alia Beyg to find out more about her company. QUA Architecture’s mission is simple; to maximise value and efficiency through creative design. Based in London and providing services in residential, commercial, sports, hospitality and urban design all across the globe, AQUA specialises in Architectural Project Management, Integrated Multidisciplinary Design Coordination and Design Visioning. The team at AQUA utilises an integrated design process that incorporates place making, heritage, culture, spirit and environmental enhancements as well design efficiency to achieve their green design mission, whilst also promoting enhanced quality of life within the urban fabric. Comfortable spaces, easy access, secure communities, public realm and many other key factors besides are taken into consideration when designing buildings to have the most positive impact. AQUA’s Green Design Strategy has been a vital element in the firm’s efforts to increase sustainability and an excellent opportunity for the team to demonstrate their creative thought process. As concerns surrounding climate change become more significant, AQUAhas been following the RIBACarbon Reduction plan to create their own strategies that centre around communal, green roof and vertical gardens within an urban context. Vertical green walls are proving to be an excellent innovation, not only for rapidly improving the bio-massing of a building, but also for its visual softening capacities within an urban landscape. From Green Facades to Hanging Gardens, green schemes are adaptable to geographic locations, climates, geometry of buildings, plant species and much more, meaning they are able to be installed in any urban landscape. Principally delivering buildings with a residential element, each AQUAproject is unique in its tailoring that optimises efficiency and place making. Finding the balance between high quality design, sustainability and keeping to a client’s budgets can at times be challenging, yet employing pragmatism and collaboration with specialist consultants, AQUA is able to deliver architectural magnificence in each project, that is the result of coordination, attention to detail and consistent refinement. These attributes have been honed by Alia throughout her eighteen years as a Chartered Accountant. Operating all across the world, including on the construction of high-profile projects in A the Middle East, Alia has always maintained her passion for efficient and sustainable design. Thirteen years after qualifying at the Bartlett (UCL) and travelling across the globe cultivating experience in both large and small-scale design, Alia set up AQUA so as to manifest her unique vision for modern and sustainable architecture. The firm has also facilitated her interest in low-cost and social housing development projects and how to integrate sustainable strategies into urban planning and regeneration, principally exploring co-living and micro-apartment concepts. Alia’s sense of social responsibility has also led to a great deal of activity in welfare projects supporting communities in Africa and Asia. She has volunteered her architectural expertise and AQUA’s extensive resources to assist with the building of schools, community centres and shelters across the two continents. As the impacts of Brexit and Covid-19 become more prevalent across the global architectural industry, AQUA is adjusting the way they operate to suit the UK’s ‘new normal’. Working remotely may have slowed the company down physically, but AQUA continues to deliver exceptional design packages and coordinate construction proposals online. As designers of the environment, AQUA is aiming to make changes for the better and that are more relevant for future generations. Looking ahead, therefore, AQUA is educating themselves and others on the impact of architecture for future generations and developing potential new talent with a focus on Environmental Design, particularly the impact of climate change regulations. AQUAalso continues to build on their foundations for ‘maximising value through design’, partnering with compatible firms to blend AQUA’s specialisation and experience with their capabilities to create a forward-looking culture. The global reach of AQUA only continues to expand as they search the horizons for future projects that can integrate AQUA’s unique and impactful Architecture and Design philosophy. Company: AQUA Architecture Contact: Alia Beyg Web Address: