Architecture Awards 2020

113 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Jul20619 Best Residential Remodelling Contractor - Greater Los Angeles When remodeling your home, finding the right person is essential. Far from just another series of tradespeople, these contractors have the responsibility of defining how your home looks for the foreseeable future. The team at SK Home Designs & Remodeling understand and take on this responsibility with relish, bringing your dreams to life with considerable ease. We take a closer look at the firm to find out more. hen it comes to remodeling, SK Home Designs & Remodeling have everything covered. The team have proven time and again to be capable of handling any sort of work, taking the strain that comes with big projects and ensuring that the client feels none of it. As general contractors, SK Home Designs & Remodeling specialize in full gut remodels, renovations, additions and kitchen bathroom remodels. The range of the work that the team undertake is incredibly extensive, covering many different areas of the house. This breadth has ensured that the SK Home Designs & Remodeling team has been able to take on any work that a client has required. The business has formed out of a desire to ensure that the client was always put first. Despite the bespoke nature of these projects, some companies will leave their clients in the lurch for more prestigious and profitable ventures. At SK Home Designs & Remodeling, this never happens. The client is updated daily on progress as well as any challenges or difficulties that might have arisen. The success of this approach is most clearly shown through the way in which much of SK Home Designs & Remodeling’s business has been gathered through client referrals. The quality of the work shines through in the final product, but it is the strong relationships that the team build that truly sets them apart. Clients appreciate the commitment shown in all situations to ensuring a smooth and productive build process. Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the team to change how they work rapidly. The project was a complete master bath and kitchen remodel and the client lived in the home throughout. The pandemic hit midway through, and the SK Home Designs & Remodeling team worked tirelessly to ensure a secure and safe environment for all concerned. It was a challenge for all, but the project was completed to the same high standards as always on schedule. High standards do come at a cost, and SK Home Designs & Remodeling can be more expensive than some, but the results speak for themselves. The team take great pride in what they deliver and ensure that they don’t take on too many jobs at any one time. This means that incredible focus and attention to detail is very much the norm. W Currently, as people are at home more and looking for ways to spruce up their environment, SK Home Designs & Remodeling is in high demand indeed. The team have over ten jobs running at a time, with more lined up for the future. Despite the challenges of getting permits and approvals on blueprints in the city, the success of the business is shining through, even in these difficult times. When a client takes on SK Home Designs & Remodeling, they take on people who believe in the motto “Building a Future, Designing a Lifestyle”. A home renovation is something that could, and should, transform your life and they are determined to bring it about as efficiently as possible. Such an immense amount of care and attention is not always to be found, and should be embraced utterly. At SK Home Designs & Remodeling, the client always comes first, and they feel this makes them first choice for their clients too. Company: SK Home Designs and Remodeling Name: Steve S. Kossover Web Address: