Architecture Awards 2020

112 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Jul20002 Best Construction Detailing Documentation Service Provider - Australia tuart Osman founded Stuart Osman Building Designs in 1998. He had started his career in the practical and ‘hands on’ world of steel fabrication and construction, but found his true passion was for design. Over the last twenty years, Stuart and his team have worked tirelessly to design stunning buildings that take advantage of the unique practical knowledge Stuart began the business with. SOBD have been an invaluable addition to the Gold Coast, has been providing Queensland and NSW with exceptional design and documentation services. The team’s services are carefully designed to be prompt and personalised, ensuring that clients are able to build the properties of their dreams. Consultants and builders find working with SOBD a dream, which is why they are in such high demand from industry professionals. Key to this success is the team’s dedication to the highest quality. The documentation that SOBD puts together is incredibly comprehensive. Every detail is accounted for, including construction detailing, mechanical, hydraulics, structural, electrical, fixtures and fittings, and shop fitting. This approach is drawn from Stuart’s expertise in the steel industry. He knows better than most how good planning can not only improve buildability, but minimise construction costs. The firm’s key service areas are split into three different areas, namely design, management and construction. Each plays a vital role in bringing a client’s dream property to life. With regards to design, the team take a comprehensive approach to ensure that clients are entirely satisfied with what a project is going to look like. This means the development not only of concepts and plans, but detailed blueprints and 3D modelling. S It is at this point that detailing and documentation can be made. To make the process easier for clients, project management of the building approval process and project management of required consultants can also be undertaken the time, with their in-depth knowledge of what is required making them the perfect representatives for a client. The management and construction processes of any project follow these lines, with the team able to apply their practical knowledge of the construction process to develop some stunning buildings. Because they have spent so much time developing a project, the team are able to see all the construction steps from the first day through to project completion. SOBD champions high standards across the industry and the team have taken steps to verify their own quality too. The firm’s team are chartered members of the Building Designers’ Association of Queensland Inc., committed not only to working within the BDAQ Code of Ethics, but continual professional development. Stuart is proud to have previously held both the post of President of Gold Coast BDAQ and Vice President of Regional Qld BDAQ. Not only are he and his team committed to the firm and their clients, but they are determined to ensure the industry as a whole operates to an incredibly high standard. When SOBD gets involved in a project, their ability to provide and maintain documentation is a godsend. It makes the whole process more straightforward for everyone involved. The team’s commitment to quality is why they are held in such high regard and why they have been recognised in this year’s Architecture Awards. Company: Stuart Osman Building Designs Name: Stuart Osman Web Address: The design process is one filled with its own unique set of challenges, but a strong record of documentation can make the process much easier. The team at Stuart Osman Building Designs led the market in this regard, offering a selection of services that are committed to going above and beyond in order to ensure the design process is as painless and straightforward as possible. We take a closer look at the firm in the light of their success.