2019 Architecture Awards

BUILD 2019 Architecture Awards 54 Jun19222 ulti-award-winning Love Out Loud Designs aims to create and market innovative products that offer a range of benefits to users. A revolution to the home drying solutions market, the company’s flagship product, BoneyDry offers multiple benefits to homeowners. As it is designed to be installed in an airing cupboard, where the ambient temperature reaches 80 degrees (F), the solution delivers vastly improved laundry drying times and also removes the unsightly clutter that comes with conventional clothes racks. Furthermore, it eliminates the need to use energy guzzling and expensive tumble dryers, and with 65% of homes in the UK and Ireland owning a tumble dryer and these technologies being one of the largest domestic consumers of electricity, this is a substantial environmental benefit. Additionally, the solution benefits many users because drying laundry on conventional clothes racks in living spaces is a health hazard for people who suffer from respiratory illnesses such as asthma or allergies as moist laundry is a breeding ground for mould spores and dust mites. As BoneyDry is designed to be installed in an airing cupboard, which is not a ‘living’ space as such, BoneyDry will improve air quality within homes, and looking ahead the team at Love Out Loud Designs aims to Love Out Loud Designs Ltd: Best Domestic Product Design Innovator - UK & Ireland & Most Innovative Laundry Drying Solution: BoneyDry Love Out Loud Designs Ltd. is a self-funded domestic product design company dedicated to creating innovative new products and solutions. We profile the firm and its pioneering solution, BoneyDry, to find out more. M showcase these benefits and investigate how the solution can be used to provide health and air-quality benefits for users. This creative solution has been recognised not only by BUILD Magazine, but also by Enterprise Ireland, a government organisation supporting businesses within Ireland, who awarded BoneyDry an Innovation Award. The awards allow a business to make an application to acquire technical support from learning institutions throughout Ireland. If the application is successful, the business can draw on subject matter expertise resident in higher learning institutions. This programme has been enormously beneficial for Love Out Loud Designs, as when designing BoneyDry the team were privileged to be able to work for a year with a Professor of Engineering who added immeasurable value to the design project. Three additional products by Love Out Loud Designs have won Innovation Awards from Enterprise Ireland and were developed in conjunction with leading universities. Looking ahead, BoneyDry’s development, alongside Love Out Loud Design’s future design projects, will drive the firm to even greater success and renown over the coming years. Whilst the firm currently supplies its products direct to clients, moving forward the team is keen to open a retail outlet to compliment its online stores. Overall, thanks to its dedication to providing creative solutions to common problems, Love Out Loud Designs has a bright future ahead of it. The company’s overall mission is to market and establish new and innovative products, which are currently in development and are seeking investors. Longer term the team hope to add other products to its product portfolio and establish itself as a key player in today’s innovation and product development market. Company: Love Out Loud Designs Ltd Name: Alan Bermingham Address: 1 Maple Crescent, Drumheel, Virginia, County Cavan, Ireland A82 YT97 Telephone: +3531498554850 Web Address: www.boneydry.com

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