2019 Architecture Awards

2019 Architecture Awards BUILD 53 collaboration of the supplier who could reduce the time for manufacturing and cost of the panels since the design required just an optimized single triangular panel, the diversity achieved in the façade comes as a result of how this single panel is first assembled with another panel and then how they can be randomly installed in 16 different positions. Overall, the LEAP team are incredibly proud of their work on the Olmo Tower and moving forward they will remain driven towards creating more unique structures that will enhance Mexico’s built landscape. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leap.architecture/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leap_mx/ Telephone: +52 1 333 1061131 Company: LEAP Laboratorio en Arquitectura Progresiva Contact: Heriberto Hernandez Website: http://leap.mx/

http://kokaistudios.com/ http://leap.mx/ https://www.instagram.com/leap_mx/ https://www.facebook.com/leap.architecture/ http://www.boneydry.com/ http://www.ma-interieur.com/