2019 Architecture Awards

33 2019 Architecture Awards BUILD Jun19046 ounded in 1921, Emaillerie Belge has an extensive legacy of excellence which it draws on constantly to meet the needs of its vast array of clients. Originally, when the firm began its main focus was on enamelling household products and soon evolved towards the production of enamelled advertising. Today, the firm boasts nine skilled employees who are all committed to providing high quality craftsmanship to create products that will last a lifetime. It now specialising in enamelling steel plates and natural stone. This process is achieved by repeatedly heating materials at high temperatures of more than 800 ° C. All steps in the production process are handled internally and the firing occurs in an industrial furnace with high capacity. This enables Emaillerie Belge to meet all kinds of orders for surfaces of all sizes. Emaillerie Belge: Specialist Enamelling Company of the Year 2019 - Europe Based in Vorst, Brussels, Emaillerie Belge is an innovative enamelling and finishing company that undertakes a wide variety of projects across the construction and architectural markets. We profile the firm to gain an insight into its unique service offering. F In addition to architectural projects, Emaillerie Belge is also a producer of publicity and signage panels, POS material and collector items. No matter what size or type of project it is working, the firm and its expert team work tirelessly to ensure that they are the most innovative, leading supplier of vitreous enamel. This is achieved thanks to the team’s expertise and high-quality craftsmanship. Looking to the future, Emaillerie Belge will be focused on customization, absolute quality and constant innovation. By constantly striving to offer clients the cutting-edge solutions they expect the firm will be able to meet their ever-evolving needs. Company: Emaillerie Belge Name: Vincent Vanden Borre Address: Sint-Denijsstraat 122, 1190 Vorst Web Address: www.emailleriebelge.com

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