2019 Architecture Awards

BUILD 2019 Architecture Awards 32 Jun19512 ith over 20 years of collective professional experience, since its inception Derun has established an impressive and diverse portfolio of buildings, facades, infrastructure, interiors, installations, exhibitions, furniture, and product design. Challenged with the mission to explore and redefine the relationship between form and performance, the office explores methods of informing design through technological means. The design trajectory and ethos of the office is rooted in balancing both the experimental and the visionary with the practical and the pragmatic to achieve the extraordinary. Each project is viewed as a journey, with the firm’s expert team striving to complete it to the best of their ability and learn new skills along the way. Working on everything from architecture and interior design through to concept design using cutting-edge technology, the firm’s team can provide each client with the solutions and support they need to craft a unique space they and their service users can be proud of for many years to come. Derun Architecture & Interior Design: Best Emerging Architecture & Interior Design Company – Istanbul & Restaurant Interior Project of the Year 2019: Kentsa Sabanci ISS Sosyal Tesisi Derun Architecture & Interior Design is an award-winning contemporary design practice exploring design at the intersection of performance, technology and craft. To celebrate the firm’s win in our 2019 Architecture Awards we profile it and share an overview of the range of services it offers and projects it undertakes for its valued clients. W Viewing the design process as a collaborative effort between client, designer and the space itself, the Derun team work hard to create a property or interior that will blend seamlessly. All of the practice’s solutions are functional, enhance the quality of life and culture of the occupants and are aesthetically attractive. Overall, Derun is committed to building communities and enhancing the built environment through its innovative and creative designs. This will remain central to the practice’s approach as it looks towards an exciting future with many new projects on the horizon. Company: Derun Architecture & Interior Design Contact: Shahin Fateh Pour Website: https://www.derunarchitecture.com/

https://www.createbespoke.co.uk/ https://www.derunarchitecture.com/ http://www.emailleriebelge.com/ http://ethnos.jp/ http://www.evanjamesdesign.com/