2018 Architecture Awards

91 2018 Architecture Awards Build “During the course of our architectural exploration, ‘Water’has been emerging as the main theme in our architecture. We have always been exploring abstract sculptural forms and spaces expressing free flow and fluidity, which manifested the beauty aspiring from freedom and vitality - an architectural language translating to people beyond geographical boundaries. “Fundamentally, we see the unique characteristics of Hong Kong lie in the mixture of activities, the intermingling of different visions and the overlapping of multi-disciplines both in the tangibles and the intangibles. ‘Differences’ is the keyword. Balanced or not, it is a co-existence of differences and variations. Our designs always draw inspiration from these unique characteristics of Hong Kong. We explore symbiosis and amalgamation. We admire the beauty of uncertainties. Our designs identify the essential elements and set out the conditions for the process of creation out of the symbiosis and amalgamation, under which architectural forms and spaces with vast potentials and possibilities are created, and such generates surprises.” Despite the architectural heritage and traditional influences, Eric Design Architect understands the importance of modern technology and how it is changing architecture. Eric shares his outlook on these changes and how they will impact on his firm and its designs. “The fast advance of information technology stretches the limits of possibilities in obtaining, sharing and creating information. In this era, the concept of reality is to be redefined, and existence in the virtual world to be unveiled. Reality coexists with virtual-reality. Architecture will become an event for experiencing one’s sensations and sensibilities at a specific time and in a specific place. We invent the ‘Quantum Grid’ in searching for a new order of architectural spatial properties. Architecture is visualized as 4-dimensional organization of various spatial properties - an ‘Architecture of Sensations’; a ‘Cinematic Journey’; a ‘Spatial Montage’. Our designs afford unique sensational experience to subject in motion through the paths in the spaces with different spatial properties, and people will experience its own existence in an abstract space of sensations and virtual realities.” Ultimately, Eric and his team are constantly finding new inspiration, establishing a new vision and seeking to shape the landscape of Hong Kong in its image. As such, the future looks bright for Eric Design Architect, as is evident from Eric’s optimistic concluding comments. “Having been inspired by modern Chinese ink paintings, our designs attempt to express the new spirit of Chinese tradition. With nature as the spirit, tradition as the framework, contemporary as the expression we are aiming to make the tangible from the intangible by searching for order within change. Our designs capture the vitality of the past in the exploration of expressions for the future, and we are excited for what is to come as we look forward to creating even more unique and breath-taking projects.” Hong Chi Jockey Club Pinehill Training Complex HKIA Award 2015 Precious Blood Children’s Village Ancillary Complex HKIA Award 2016-17 Precious Blood’s Home for the Aged Sisters HKIA Award 2013

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