2018 Architecture Awards

Build 2018 Architecture Awards 90 ounded in 1995, Eric Design Architect has always been exploring new design possibilities, whilst creating designs that are pleasingly functional. The team pursue for beauty aspiring from freedom and vitality, designing with passion and joy, constantly aiming to achieve design excellence. Eric shares an insight into the firm’s key inspirations and how these shape its work. “Here at Eric Design Architect the concept of light is the key in our designs. We particularly believe in the impacts of natural lighting on architecture, which, if aptly applied, would bring life to architectural forms and space.” “Additionally, we love nature. We take ‘Nature’ as the spirit in our designs. We have always been exploring ‘Green Designs’ in a high density urban environment, and we are also an enthusiast of energy efficient architecture. The materials we use are always low cost and environmental friendly. The characteristics of each individual material are all self- expressed, invoking lightness and openness, and dissolve the boundaries between indoor and outdoor. Prefabrication of construction elements is always used to enhance the possibilities of reuse and recycle. As a team we are also an enthusiast of Green Architecture. Environmental concerns have always been apparent in our works. We show our love of nature in our designs by incorporating and featuring elements of nature in them.” These inspirations shape the firm’s designs and work; and what is more, Eric has been pioneer to explore new design approaches over the years to create one-of-a-kind projects, exemplifying innovative and experiential aspects of emerging architecture. “Inspired by the simplest life in the form of protozoa, we have been exploring ‘BRANE Architecture’, in which membrane is the essential material. The adaptability to changes, the fluidity in form and space, and the glow and float properties of membranes are to be fully explored in searching for new architectural expressions. We have also been exploring biomimicry in design. Inspired by microorganism and jellyfish, we pursue a new architecture of which ‘Skin’ and ‘Bones’ become one. BUILD Pioneer Award for Environmentally Conscious Architecture & Design Drawing on over 23 years’ experience, Eric Design Architect Ltd is a Hong Kong based architecture and design practice which creates truly unique projects. We invited Eric Chan to provide us with a fascinating insight into these projects and how the firm creates extraordinary outcomes for its valued and discerning clientele. F AR180028 Company: Eric Design Architect Ltd Name: Eric Chan Address: 1002, 101 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Telephone: 852-2512 0727 Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.edarch.com.hk All-weather Swimming Pool for CHCLS College HKIA Award 2007 Water Lantern HKTB Gold Award 2006 & Design for Asia Award 2007 Finalist

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