Build Architecture Awards

Build Architecture Awards 2015 50 Futureform has over ten years’ experience in producing offsite permanent modular buildings which are fully mortgageable and insurable and with a life span equal or greater than any form of conventional construction. All materials used in the firm’s assembly plants are responsibly sourced and fully com- pliant with the various audit schemes forming part of the current performance codes such as BREEAM. Even the steel the firm uses is largely re-cycled. Although the Futureform themselves do not make temporary buildings, their modules can be de-mounted and used again, making them both value for money and resourceful. In addition the firm are able to access a number of funding options which are specifically designed to meet their client’s needs. These factors combine to ensure every Futureform client receives the best possible service, tailored to suit their requirements. As well as top quality customer service, the firm also ensures that every building they pro- duce uses sustainable, eco-friendly materials and techniques which are used in a number of permanent applications including housing, hotels and student accommodation. These are also demountable and can be taken down and re-used. The Futureform Building SystemTM has formal accreditations from a range of industry leaders in both the UK, Europe and overseas and the firm have over ten years’ worth of performance related data, which they utilise to ensure that every project fully meets indus- try standards. Futureform were responsible for the first “mortgageable” offsite assembled building at Barons Place, London in 2003 which was erected over a weekend and for the UK`s tallest light gauge offsite assembled building at Wembley, London in 2012. The System outperforms conventional con- struction in virtually every aspect including acoustic performance, air tightness, thermal performance and durability. It requires less maintenance and adheres to rigorous quality standards during assembly in the factory. The modules we produce can be made to any size or shape which is transportable. The firm have recently introduced a technol- ogy licensing option where customers can directly use the Futureform Building Sys- temTM with the benefit of its accreditations and proven performance for use in projects in the UK or overseas. Additionally they can also develop and manage any necessary technical adaptations required for local use anywhere in the world. In order to keep up with the increased demand following the introduction of this fully licensed option for their Design & Manufac- turing Systems & Processes, Futureform has recently opened its new assembly facilities in West Sussex and is in the process of estab- lishing other Licensed Assembly Plants within the UK and abroad. The new facilities give Futureform the ability to meet peak demand and still keep overhead costs low making their product efficient and cost effective for developers to use. Looking to the future, the firm will continue to expand in order to meet the increasing demand for their products. Innovation Award for Permanent Modular Building Design - Global Futureform Ltd Company: Futureform Modular Ltd Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 32 Chartwell Road, Lancing Business Park Lancing, West Sussex, BN15 8TY Telephone: +44(0)1903 755015