Build Architecture Awards

Build Architecture Awards 2015 49 Our architectural firm was born in 2005, it consists of a multidisciplinary group of architects who share the same project. The active participation of all compo- nents, the team work and passion for the work is the essence of a study that is slowly growing. Whole such projects are undertaken, from residential to commer- cial. We also develop our activities in the field of con- tests. However, we have customers of all kinds. The general concept of our architecture emerges from a compromise between the willingness and desire. Each house, each project is realized depending on the client’s identity. This process seeks satisfaction, understood in its fullest sense, of all those actively involved in development. In terms of keeping up to speed with any emerging trends in the industry I have been very fortunate as I teach at two uni- versities. Direct contact with the academic world is an endless source of knowledge. Moreover, contact with the industrial sector is equally fundamental. For us during project design, dialogue with customers is always present, since the work becomes part of the identity of its inhabit- ants. Through dialogue, the projects are a true reflection of the people who live there, a clear expression of their personality. We understand this dialogue as seeking comfort and utility, examining the joys and conflicts of everyday actions. In terms of the challenges and opportunities presented by operating in this area, it is a re- gion that has been hit hard by the economic crisis, but has begun to emerge. It is an area with many resources, with many opportunities because there is a very strong industry. I think we need a stronger bond between the design professionals and industrial people. Whole award or nomination is very satisfac- tory because it is an acknowledgment of the work performed. This leads you to think there are a group of people who have reviewed your work very positively, and it pushes you to want to continue to evolve to improve in every project that comes in the future. In reality I do not believe as much a success case as a good job. From our study, we focus on a project approach that emerges from a dual commitment: the willingness to give a technical answer to a particular context (pro- gram needs, budget, legislation, environment ...) and the desire to seek beauty through built work. We identify with values that defend the continuity with the environment, spatial continuity and the use of few materials; the innovation of new materials and technologies; the precision at work striving for excellence; the dialogue with all actors involved, from the customer to the last worker; and teamwork, surrounding of professionals who agree pleasure for his work. All this often leads to a job well made, and it sometimes is recognized and so brings you success. We enjoy what we do every day. Each work- day has its surprises and happiness. The time is built slowly but with rapid changes. Best Residential Architect 2015 Fran Silvestre Arquitectos Company: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos Name: Fran Silvestre Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: c/San Vicente Mártir 160 · 1 Telephone: 963816561