Recycling & Waste Management Awards 2022

7 Recycling & Waste Management Awards 2022 BUILD Nov22302 Best Recycling & Waste Management Company - Central America Paper, cardboard, and plastic are some of the biggest problems we face in the modern world. With a huge amount of waste, it is imperative that we find ways to recycle for a greener, and more fruitful, future. West Coast Waste Industries’ (WCW) spirit was forged in 1994 by an entrepreneur looking to make his mark on the world. Today, decades later, WCW has become a huge part of the community in Costa Rica “West Coast Waste Industries was born in Glendale, Los Angeles, California in 1994, when a visionary man concerned about the environment decided to create a private company that would be responsible for recovering and processing valuable materials for recycling.” Paper, cardboard, and plastic waste is an issue across all of society. From every corner of the world, we see masses of this waste in our bins, on our streets, and in our bodies of water. It is time to transform the world of waste as we know it. West Coast Waste Industries’ (WCW) has built a special relationship with the world through its dedication to keeping us clean, healthy, and eco-friendly. Being based in Colima de Tibás, in the old Plywood, WCW is in a central location with the power to be a pivotal change for the world. With a 5000 square meter warehouse and WCW’s team of 25 employees, it is able to process a massive amount of recycling waste every day. The team works like a well-oiled machine around the clock to manage and sort the recycling that comes through the doors of the warehouse. By taking what is no longer needed, and turning it into an opportunity for new life, WCW is eliminating the need for landfills everywhere. The innovative technologies used by WCW help its vision of transforming the current waste situation of the world into something more green and sustainable for future generations to come. Gaining much recognition over the years, “In June 2008 the American magazine “Calcontractor Magazine” published an article about the company, with the headline “Finding a niche in a Green Waste Recycling” telling the story of the company and its founders. In 2011 the company received a certificate of recognition from the company “Save the World” in which it is mentioned that they are members or associates of the same, contributing once again with the firm purpose of generating a culture of social responsibility in the world.” WCW has now won Best Recycling & Waste Management Company, Central America, in the Recycling and Waste Management Awards 2022. The entire company deserves recognition for the work that it has been doing since its extremely humble beginnings. West Coast Waste Industries believes in improving the world – and has been doing so since 1994! Contact: Kristian Federspiel Company: West Coast Waste Industries