Recycling & Waste Management Awards 2022

BUILD Recycling & Waste Management Awards 2022 6 Nov22454 arthworm Soil Factory’s entire business operation at its current facility, built upon 300 acres, with a 21,000 square foot production building and 9,000 square foot retail showroom, has been founded on a simple concept; without compromise, create the best, biologically healthy, living soil! Strictly following this principle has aided the growth of millions of plants and growth of the business. The very crux of Earthworm Soil Factory is its passion for creating “Healthy Soil for Healthy Plants for Healthy People” Vermicomposting is a process of breaking green waste down into a highly nutrient biologically rich soil with the help of the humble earthworm. By using earthworms we can guarantee a natural process that promotes organic biological development of soil, and good health in people consuming the products that have grown from this lush soil. “We have focused on making soils from diverted green waste because it is what we refer to as the “Natural Process” of things. The green waste in nature would be reincorporated back into the soil over time to naturally enrich the soil, we are simply facilitating that process and expediting the benefits by the addition of our worm castings to the organic matter.” – Larry Royal Earthworm Soil Factory’s team is built on the very foundation of trust, integrity, respect, and a dedication to its family feel. Working together makes each passing day a more wholesome, enjoyable, and happy moment that ultimately helps the company to operate smoothly – in order to generate the best quality soil on the market in the USA. Earthworm Soil Factory recently took on a large Hydroseeding project that meant a huge scale of quality control for consistency in density, in delivered in high volumes. Not only were high volumes of quality soil required in a timely manner, but it was needed hundreds of miles away. Earthworm Soil Factory’s team pulled out all the stops in order to make this project work, and it has never felt stronger. Winning a Zoney Award from RMDZ in 2005, Earthworm Soil Factory was recognised for its green waste management and processing in just a short time after its birth. Earthworm Soil Factory has now won Leading Specialists in Agricultural Soil Amendments in the USA, and we couldn’t be happier to present it with yet another title in the Recycling and Waste Management Awards. For the future, Owners, Karen and Larry Royal, are going to move onto pastures new as they wish to retire and pass their incredible business on in 2023. We are excited to announce a brilliant opportunity as Earthworm Soil Factory is now available for purchase. With the deep rooted success of Earthworm Soil Factory thus far, it has everything it needs to continue producing top-tier products to keep the earth, and us, as healthy as can be. Contact: Larry Royal Company: Earthworm Soil Factory Web Address: E Leading Specialists in Agricultural Soil Amendments - USA Methods such as vermicomposting have many benefits for soil, plants, and us. Providing a living biological element to the soil, this method of waste management turns green waste into soil that can be used to produce the highest quality plants for a better, healthier future. When it comes to waste management, Earthworm Soil Factory has been providing top-quality products to the agricultural industry for 20 years. Here we look at Earthworm Soil Factory as it wins an enviable title in the Recycling and Waste Management Awards, for the second year running.