2021 Recycling & Waste Management Awards

Recycling & Waste Management 2021 BUILD 7 in mind – unlike many companies, ATS Skip Hire has optimised and streamlined the hiring and delivery process. Bolstered by the aforementioned core values, ATS Skip Hire remains true to its overarching mission. It constantly pushes for skip hire to be the stress-free experience that it should be. With this firmly in mind, ATS Skip Hire is ever evolving, with every industry development the company bends to cater to the customers. Additionally, it never ceases to search for expansion opportunities – this includes expanding its fleet, staff and services. Ultimately, however, the company fulfils this mission through providing a quality, caring, local service that listens to the client. The mission’s success is blatant, as the company has received numerous accolades and, more importantly, countless positive customer reviews. Across the company’s website, social media pages, and trades website profiles, the reviews are endless and are filled with compliments. From the friendly staff to the competitive pricing, nothing flies under the radar as the company is founded upon quality. Indeed, customers state that they are pleased with the ‘reliable and friendly team,’ and that ‘nothing is ever too much trouble for them.’ Moreover, an endless stream of customers have claimed that they would never use another company, and that they have ‘found no other skip company to come up to [ATS Skip Hire’s] standard.’ It should come as no surprise that ATS Skip Hire is in receipt of the Skip Hire Company of the Year - South East England award. From the start of the hiring process and throughout, it supplies a superior level of customer service, and excels in quality. ATS Skip Hire is the premier company for such services, and is not only pleasing customers, but shaping the skip hire industry for the better. Contact: Tom Bugg Company: ATS Skip Hire Web Address: https://ats-skiphire-colchester.co.uk/