2021 Recycling & Waste Management Awards

BUILD Recycling & Waste Management 2021 4 Nov21092 alifornia, known for sun, sea, and being the epicentre of celebrity culture, is also home to Earthworm Soil Factory. Based in Butte Valley, the company focuses on all things soil restoration and aims to create an environment that harvests healthy plants, in turn creating healthy people. Attracting customers from across the state, Earthworm Soil Factory has a wide demographic. From homeowners wanting to cultivate a magnificent garden, to landscapers searching for a quality product, Earthworm Soil Factory caters to them in the same manner – with care and a vast amount of knowledge. Furthermore, the company attracts the agricultural community, working with orchards and also rice growers. Its popularity can be attributed to its array of soil blend and liquid products, both of which contributing to its desire to enhance the landscape. Founded in 2002, Earthworm Soil Factory began as a home-based business sprawling out across 42 acres. It was during this time that an intensive business plan was developed that, in turn, would enable the company to create high-quality soil amendments using compost and earthworm castings. A year later Earthworm Soil Factory moved its business operations to its first external location at Neal Road. The company soared to success, and in 2005 was awarded a Zoney Award from RMDZ for diverting green waste from landfill. The 2018 wildfire season ravaged California, becoming the deadliest and most destructive wildfire season in Californian history. Fires burned across 1,975,086 acres of land, leaving a path of approximately 24,226 damaged or destroyed structures, ultimately causing around $25.4 billion in property damage. Indeed, the 2018 season was catastrophic, initially taking the title of the largest on record – it would eventually lose this to the 2020 California wildfire season. Earthworm Soil Factory’s Neal Road site suffered major damage as a result of the Camp Fire that devastated Northern California. Forced to relocate, the company built its current production facility and warehouse, officially making it home in 2019. Over the past 20 years Earthworm Soil Factory has faced industry challenges, life-changing wildfires, and a pandemic. It has repeatedly proven its durability and has never failed to provide high- quality agricultural products, henceforth, it has deservedly garnered the accolade of Best Home & Agricultural Soil Amendments Specialist – USA. Utilising an innovative and natural approach, Earthworm Soil Factory has cultivated an empire, leaving a path of satisfied customers across the Californian state. C Best Home & Agricultural Soil Amendments Specialist - USA Constructed across 300 acres, the new facility includes a 21,000 sq. ft. production building and 9,000 sq. ft. retail showroom for Butte Valley Supply, an old fashion Mercantile. Additionally, Earthworm Soil Factory added a Natural Process Nursery to supply plants to its customers and a demonstration garden – known as its Food Forest – which is designed to have an edible landscape. In turn, the company has been able to produce crops for food banks, which are then donated to people in need. In spite of the overwhelming challenges it has faced, Earthworm Soil Factory has continued to excel over the years. Supplying customers with a variety of services, including the sale of custom plant starts and bagged soil, the company endeavours to provide nothing but quality. In essence, whilst the company has evolved over the years, it has consistently remained true to its core values. Simply, the company aims to create healthy soil, healthy plants, and healthy people. Through focusing on natural methods, Earthworm Soil Factory hopes to accomplish this. Moreover, for its plants, it utilises non-GMO seeds that started in its soil. Ultimately, however, Earthworm Soil Factory is on a mission to show just how important high-quality soil is to agriculture. Its team of highly professional staff are experts in the field, possessing a deep understanding of how the company’s processes work. Further contributing to the company’s values, it is imperative that the team understands Earthworm Soil Factory’s purpose, as the company believes that it is important to provide excellent customer service. Taking a client-centric approach, Earthworm Soil Factory functions based upon the feedback it receives. After all, the customers are the very thing that keeps the company alive and thriving. Numerous customers have praised the company, leaving reviews across Earthworm Soil Factory’s social media pages and its online advertisements. Bolstered by a plethora of five-star reviews, the company’s popularity is evident. In addition, many are pleased with the excellent customer service they have received, referring to Earthworm Soil Factory’s staff as ‘helpful’ and ‘friendly.’ The energy the company exudes in providing quality all round, has simply paid off. Forging relationships with its clients, it has crafted a base of loyal customers that have plans to return time and time again. Such a customer base supports the company in flourishing in an industry that can often be challenging. In California, the industry typically provides little economic benefit without subsidiaries. Henceforth, Earthworm Soil Factory’s business model is designed around turning the business into one that is not only beneficial to the end-user of its products but also one that can generate a profit. Additionally, the company has geared its products towards providing the best possible results, providing a product that actually works.