2021 Recycling & Waste Management Awards

Recycling & Waste Management 2021 BUILD 5 Alongside the difficult industry, the wildfires, and relocation, the Covid-19 pandemic was another hurdle the company was forced to overcome. Unlike many businesses, Earthworm Soil Factory was thrown into a period of great demand. As the disease spread throughout the Californian population, many opted to stay home, which saw an increase in the development of gardens and green spaces. Adapting to the influx of customers, Earthworm Soil Factory optimised its business plan, making room for the rise in orders and in-store purchases. Furthermore, the company streamlined its operations to meet the regulations placed on it during this time. In turn, the future is set to be busy for the company as it continues to see an exponential growth in in-store sales. As it walks through its first Christmas and New Year season with Butte Valley Supply, Earthworm Soil Factory is set to see a further rise in business. Over the next year, the company simply aims to continue its enthusiastic approach to providing California with premium soil products. Contact: Larry Royal Company: Earthworm Soil Factory Web Address: https://www.earthwormsoilfactory.net/