2021 Recycling & Waste Management Awards

Recycling & Waste Management 2021 BUILD 15 entral European Scrap Trading Kft is a relatively new company – however, this does not mean a lack of experience. Indeed, the business benefits from a team that has over 50 years of combined industry experience. In a short space of time, Central European Scrap Trading Kft has made a name for itself around the globe, purchasing and processing all grades of ferrous, WEEE and non-ferrous metals for placement into steel mills, smelters, refiners, and end-consumers. Founded as the sole buying agent for two smelter groups in India, the company currently holds trading and processing operations all over the world including Europe, India, China, Vietnam, and the Middle East. Working with over 30 major suppliers, Central European Scrap Trading Kft facilitates the sale of ferrous, metal, and e-scrap, and undertakes logistics and consultancy operations. Within each element of the company, there is a great focus on sustainability, and Central European Scrap Trading Kft’s goal is to decrease the number of steps it takes scrap materials to reach their destination. Since its founding, the company has committed itself to finding eco-friendly solutions. As a result, it hopes to ensure that its processes have less of an impact on the environment, and that its clients search for ways to recycle products in a manner that benefits the environment. Henceforth, the company works on a supply and demand system – upon receiving notice of a shipment, it immediately starts looking for potential buyers. The company attends to each business, delivering a great amount of care and attention to each client, as it hopes to develop a positive and honest relationship. It is imperative that the customer can trust the company throughout the process. Moreover, Central European Scrap Trading Kft’s eco-friendly use of supply and demand is complimented by the fact that it does not own a scrapyard, which significantly lowers costs whilst, most importantly, reducing the company’s environmental impact. The Hungarian scrap metal market is built up by an amicable community. Everyone knows everyone. Initially this proved to be a challenge for the company, as it was a new face in a well-established field. It was with this in mind that it became all the more important to gain clients’ trust. The hard work Over the past few years, Central European Scrap Trading Kft has been making waves in the Hungarian scrap metal market. Durable and determined, in its short time the company has faced numerous challenges, overcoming each one through its specialist knowledge and loyal customer base. The company shows no signs of slowing down and is working on plans for regional expansion throughout 2022. C quickly paid off, the company won over thousands of clients and, as a result, was propelled to success. However, little did Central European Scrap Trading Kft know, possessing such a loyal clientele would soon become increasingly important. One and a half years after the company opened for business, the world was shaken by the Covid-19 pandemic. The world simply shut down – businesses closed, in-person interaction decreased, and lockdowns were introduced around the globe. In essence, the fledgling company was thrown into a myriad of unforeseen challenges. Fortunately, the scrap metal world saw less of an impact than many other industries, and Central European Scrap Trading Kft was able to continue trading. Furthermore, the open communication with its clients proved to be valuable. As international courier services became swamped with shipments, it became difficult for clients to track and maintain their orders. Henceforth, a vast amount of responsibility fell upon the company, as it had to take extra care in how it managed its logistics. Going forward, the company is confident that it will continue providing the quality service that it is known for, both domestically and internationally. Throughout 2022, the company hopes to expand, aiming to completely cover the Hungarian market by the end of the first quarter. From there, Central European Scrap Trading Kft plans to set its sights on its European neighbours. Contact: Emil Svendor Company: Central European Scrap Trading Kft Web Address: http://cest.hu/ Nov21569 Best International Scrap Metal Trading Company – Central Europe