2021 Recycling & Waste Management Awards

BUILD Recycling & Waste Management 2021 14 Sustainable energy is absolutely not something that can be overlooked when talking about the future of the world at large. With climate commitment deadlines fast approaching, and an artificially warming world that needs to see dedicated change from the global corporate ecosystem in order to heal the damage already done, Rinovasol Group is making itself one of the companies championing a renewable movement. Additionally, renewables are a huge growth market that is rapidly expanding in influence, with an average annual growth rate of cumulative installed capacity for solar panels – including off the grid systems – reaching 35%. With this in mind, Rinovasol Group has dedicated itself to continue to shape this upcoming sustainable future, and looks forward to seeing what 2022 will bring. Company: Rinovasol Group Contact: Toralf Nitsch Website: rinovasol-group.com Nov21229 inovasol Group, a firm dedicated to the recycling and refurbishment of solar panels, has been following a motto of ‘we extend life cycles’ ever since its founding. Offering the aforementioned services, as well as investor relations, it uses its own new and innovative technological solutions in order to bring a new lease of life to solar panels, making them an even more sensible power generation option by increasing the lifespan of the panels. Fundamentally, Rinovasol Group can use its processes and technologies to repair any damage or degradation to solar panels that has happened due to wear, tear, or age; in addition, if it can’t repair the solar panel in question, it can recycle them, cycling out damaged panels and funneling the processed materials such as plastic and copper back into the recycling loop. Constantly testing and evaluating its own workflows, Rinovasol Group is committed to ensuring that it only uses processes that have undergone the most rigorous evaluation, allowing it to gain notoriety amongst the German renewable energy market with its reliable and standardised way of working. Critically, its clients can rely on it to be their one stop shop for the recycling and refurbishment of solar energy components, and it has grown as a company thanks to the endorsement of the market segment that have come to embrace it, having already refurbished or recycled over one million solar and photovoltaic panels since its inception. Furthermore, Rinovasol Group does not just serve the German market. Thanks to the consistent expansion this company has been undergoing, it has been able to grow into many more additional market segments in the renewables sector, currently working with the manufacturers of solar panels and operators of photovoltaic plants and farms across 40 different countries. This, of course, all falls in line with Rinovasol Group’s overall vision of continually expanding and promoting the good health of the sustainable energy market, showing the wider world the benefits of technology such as solar panels and how an investment in such things is a commitment that will benefit them massively in the long run. PV Recyling Company of the Year - Germany A solar panel refurbishment and recycling company that is promoting the health of the sustainable energy movement, Rinovasol Group is showing the world’s power generation professionals that solar panels aren’t just a good initial investment. With the care and tenacity that the Rinovasol Group applies when giving its solar panels a new lease of life, it renews that investment, priming any solar farm for continued years of top-of-the-line operation. Additionally, its recycling services take panels that are finally ready to be cycled out and ensures their components make their way back into the recycling loop, creating a positive feedback system that is growing in popularity, propelling this company into the spotlight. R ©