2019 Recycling and Waste Management Awards

2019 Recycling and Waste Management Awards BUILD Changing legislation has a huge impacton the work that EIRAVATO do. ‘By April 2022, the UK will introduce a plastic tax on all packaging that does not include 30% of recycled content. EIRAVATO offers solutions supporting the legislation at various levels. We can help you to deliver on your waste commitments, certify your efforts and prove compliance.’ points out Marcin. ‘The waste is now recognised as a major polluter. The forth-coming developments will include more aggressive regulations, carbon tax and extended producer responsibility. At EIRAVATO, we always try to stay on top of market needs, providing data driven solutions that meet evolving market requirements, whilst keeping economic sense.’ Stayi-ng on top of market needs has led EIRAVATO to engage in the creation of new ISO accreditation standard focused on Circular Economy. EIRAVATO is a pioneering company treading into uncertain waters. It does so without trepidation or worry, trusting in the data it collects to provide a sus- tainable solution to any problems that arises. By listening and innovating, Marcin and his team at EIRAVATO have made something that could redefine the way we see waste. Maybe it isn’t rubbish, after all. Contact Details: Contact: Marcin Kulik Company: EIRAVATO Website: www.eiravato.com Email: [email protected] PAS 2050:2011

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