2019 Recycling and Waste Management Awards

BUILD 2019 Recycling and Waste Management Awards 6 Oct19405 Best Waste Management Software Solutions Provider 2019 - Western Europe Formed out of the desire to revolutionise the environmental scene, EIRAVATO is already making big waves on the waste management front. With the aim to reduce waste and make more use of materials of value, EIRAVATO has big plans for the marketplace, and the way in which we reduce, reuse and recycle. We talked to CEO Marcin Kulik to find out more. ur mission is to equip the world’s leading companies and governments to deliver on their waste com- mitments by digitizing waste, transforming it into a resource to fuel economy circular markets and delight their customers and stakeholders alike.’ Marcin tells us. It’s a game-changer, but a big, audacious plan is intrinsic to the heart of EIRAVATO. Over the last four years, this Dublin-based company has slowly gathered momentum, spreading its message to companies and people across the whole of Europe. ‘Our core value is to help industry and governments to “make” Circular Economy more attractive and simple to implement,’ Marcin continues. It’s not a simple task as it involves making more precise legislation, as well as redefining waste from being something to be rid of, into being a valuable thing. It involves changing how people think and tackling the problem from an entirely different angle. “In GOD we trust, the others must bring data” is a recurring Kulik motif. ‘We are data geeks,’ he admits with a smile. ‘Our internal culture is built on curiosity and transparency. We question the boundaries, digging deep to understand the core of the problem and deliver triple bottom line solutions.’ The use of data is the basis of the company, with an enormous amount of information being processed by EIRAVATO to deliver solutions to companies. Using innovative technology to digitise waste and valorise materials, EIRAVATO allows companies to deliver practical and actionable steps within a Circular Economy business model framework. The data is transformed into knowledge, supported by EIRAVATO’s lean framework. This is what allows companies to reduce their waste, while capturing materials of value for re-use. ‘We understand the needs of different stakeholders of the Circular chain,’ says Marcin. ‘Waste producers, recycling companies and re-manufacturers each have different requirements and play crucial role in the value chain. At EIRAVATO, we listen and innovate, but also de-risk the transition towards sustainable partnerships in support of delivery of triple bottom line rewards.’ O The risks of transition have put some companies off adopting the Circular Economy. A lot of EIRAVATO’s work has been working with legislators to try to stem this tide. ‘We are working on numerous projects in Luxembourg that will de-risk Circular Economy, reward companies that decide to transform from recycling towards resource mining, and certify the achievement,’ explains Marcin. This is a big step for the company, validating a lot of their decisions. Marcin hopes this will encourage other companies to step up and join his environmental revolution. Screenshot: EIRAVATO platform allows companies to record and track each transaction, certifying closed loop projects. Helping companies to satisfy regulatory demands and deliver United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12.

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