2019 Recycling and Waste Management Awards

BUILD 2019 Recycling and Waste Management Awards 20 Nov19242 fane Environmental Association is a not for profit non- governmental e-waste research and development organisation with a vision of bringing about change to the e-waste recycling industries. This is primarily through research and development, with a driving, urgent focus on cleaning up the e-waste poisoning the air, land, rivers, lakes and communities around the globe. Dale Scott Marion, one of the founding members of Pfane, tells us a little more. “Our overall mission is to continue work in our current field to expand this already incredible technological breakthrough, while we work on other problems which halt the full circularity of the e-waste recycling process, such as making competitively marketable products from the remains of circuit board fibre fractions commonly discarded to landfill. “We direct our research and technological developments toward AI, Machine Learning and Computer Vision which over four years we have developed, tested, and commercially sold solutions that significantly increase recycling efficiency, accuracy of e-waste valuation and which have significantly benefited the sustainability of the e-waste recycling industry as a whole.” Much of Pfane’s research has gone into responding to the greatest problem affecting the industry’s overall sustainability – incorrectly valued e-waste raw material, which causes financial loss and distress to e-waste recycler. Pfane has invested in perfecting computer vision systems which offer highly accurate and rapid material valuation of entire truckloads of e-waste raw materials. The result is ViewPas - a remarkable, new and patent pending system that allows waste traders, collectors and recyclers to solve one of the most pressing problems in the waste industry, incorrectly valued materials. ViewPas has been developed using machine learning and manually input data streams, coupled with computer vision P that can detect materials by cross referencing hundreds of thousands of images per second. Thus allowing the simplest user interface to detect the quantity of base metals, precious metals, hazardous materials and potential contaminants that are used within e-waste circuitry, both new and old, with 96.74% accuracy. “Our solution, ViewPas, now successfully solves this problem and is commercially available,” says Marion. “With four years of development behind ViewPas, along with strong partnerships with tech giants, and with Google supporting our research and development, we believe we can continue to offer greater sustainability to the overall industry. The aim is to increase efficiencies by as little as 10% industry wide which would subsequently result in an additional capacity of five million tons of extra e-waste being processed per year. We believe we can easily help achieve these numbers with greater addition of our core technologies. “E-waste is the cause of numerous health issues among some of the poorest countries. We aim to make a big difference in the environment and to the lives of the people that e-waste pollution is affecting the most.” Contact: Dale Scott Marion Company: Pfane Environmental Association Address: Nr. 1 Piata Avrem Iancu, Simleu Silvaniei, Salaj, Transylvania. RO Telephone: +40 766 903 531 Web Address: www.pfane.org Pfane Environmental Association Best eWaste Recycling R&D Specialists 2019 With e-waste becoming more and more of a threat to the planet, one company has come up with an innovative solution to help eradicate this type of pollution and improve the lives of those affected. We speak to Dale Marion, of Pfane Environmental, in the wake of the firm being awarded the award for Best eWaste Recycling R&D Specialists 2019.

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