2019 Recycling and Waste Management Awards

2019 Recycling and Waste Management Awards BUILD 19 With regards to future success, Sharpsmart has recently expanded its infrastructure to encompass a 38,000 sq/ft treatment site in Normanton, West Yorkshire, and a new 48,000 sq/ft treatment site in Spennymoor. Both sites will be providing waste treatment for infectious and sharps waste, as well as the processing of Sharpsmart reusable containers. There are also plans for a further 20,000 sq/ft treatment site in in the South of England which will be running from April 2020. When used for pharmaceuticals our reusable containers reduce waste by around 30%. On top of this Sharpsmart send the pharmaceutical waste for recovery in an energy from waste facility, which contributes towards the generation of electricity for around 200,000 households. This alternative solution sees the waste removed from again high temperature incinerators (HTI) without energy recovery. Contact: Daniel Roper Address: Millhouse Business Centre, Station Road, Castle Donington, Derbyshire, DE74 2NJ Telephone: 01388 810310 Web Address: www.sharpsmart.co.uk

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