2019 Recycling and Waste Management Awards

2019 Recycling and Waste Management Awards BUILD 11 Sep19487 This adaptable team retains its attitude of vibrancy and determination to do the best for clients. Lately, it has seen the addition of the company’s first apprentice, who has had to quickly adjust to the fast-paced environment of this energetic business and a new transport manager, bringing several years of experience to the role. The continued success of the company has meant frequent changes of office in the last few years, which the team has worked hard to ensure hasn’t affected client service. Another recent change is business with two large facilities management companies, Sudexo and GT Gunson. The Sudexo project is incredibly exciting, acting as the host to a trial where coffee cups, cutlery, food trays and food waste will be taken for composting as opposed to the traditional route. As the construction industry becomes increasingly busy, North West Waste has taken advantage of the need for industrial machinery on sites. Able to provide skips, containers and various trucks for hire, the company has taken advantage of its connections with suppliers to deliver concrete and sand at excellent rates. Working closely with multiple quantity surveyors, North West Waste is able to ensure that there is no down time on sites due to skips or materials not arriving on time. Another venture for the business has come from adding a team equipped with CSCS cards to provide labour for site clearances and strip-outs for locations from houses to shops to large commercial warehouses. At its heart, North West Waste is dedicated to ensuring that waste is managed as efficiently as possible, to the benefit of the environment and clients’ pockets. Offering a bespoke service that combats the negative effects that inefficient waste management can have on the environment and expanding out into other aspects of the construction industry, North West Waste is the natural choice for handling any needs in this area. AB World Foods We recently had an environmental audit by a leading global consultancy and our management of waste and duty of care compliance was commended. The auditor specifically commented in over 10 years of environmental auditing our systems are as good as the best he has seen. A significant component of this was the service we receive from North West Waste and the diligence by your dedicated employees in ensuring our compliance. Contact: Karen Smith Web Address: www.northwestwaste.co.uk Telephone: 01744 758349

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