2019 Recycling and Waste Management Awards

BUILD 2019 Recycling and Waste Management Awards 10 Oct19630 et up in 2009 by Warren Aspinall, North West Waste has expanded considerably since its inception. Now operating from Ramsgate to Livingston, Warren Aspinall designed the business with the simple aim of helping local and national companies to reduce landfill and general waste costs, thus ensuring higher rebates for recyclables and food waste and helping large organisations to remain environmentally friendly. Combining over 20 years of experience in the industry, North West Waste has become a major player in the world of waste management. Achieving this success has not come easily to the business. The process begins with a free audit and survey to the customer. It is this survey that the bespoke management plan is derived from, suggesting the best way to handle the waste. No two cases are the same, with each management program designed specifically for each specific site. What North West Waste aim for is zero waste to landfill within twelve months. As landfill prices continue to rise year-on-year, the search is perpetually on for new and innovative methods for disposing of waste in a cost effective and environmentally friendly manner. All waste, where possible, is diverted from landfill and either re-used or sent for waste to energy. North West Waste is able to work with food waste, hazardous waste, general waste, clinical or construction. It doesn’t matter to this company what sort of waste is being handled, the main aim is to find the correct and most efficient method of removing it from a site. Much of the work that North West Waste undertakes comes from word of mouth, which is a credit to its exceptional service and competitive pricing. Some of these clients include Novus Property Solutions, M&Y Maintenance and AB World Foods, demonstrating the range of this organisation’s waste management ability. Not just working with businesses, but with facilities management companies too, North West Waste has overseen a great deal of large projects, including several site clearances and a massive S strip-out in Liverpool where all waste was either reused or recycled. Currently, the company is trying to work with local architects so that it is involved from the first day of building. This greatly simplifies the ability to ensure sites are fully compliant, as well as ensuring that as little waste goes to landfill as possible. In a competitive industry, the team at North West Waste set themselves apart by delivering a very personal service. With accounts at over 100 suppliers around the UK, it is possible for North West Waste to be perpetually challenging each on prices. This means that the best deals can be passed onto the client. Regardless of size, each client receives top-notch service, with every single one treated like a VIP. Ensuring a first-class service to clients that is both environmentally friendly and fully compliant with the law is a challenging prospect for any business. North West Waste manages all of this through its customers’ duty of care and compliance packs. These are updated on a regular basis as well as using good local professional suppliers. Keeping a strong relationship with clients is paramount to the continued success of North West Waste, and each receives regular site visits with weekly or monthly waste reports as well as a single invoice and credit. This reduces the amount of time clients must spend dealing with multiple invoices on an irregular basis. Working in the waste management trade does mean that legal and manufacturing changes can make a major difference to how different materials are handled. Current issues with low-grade plastics and the effects these are having on the environment is just one example where North West Waste are looking for an innovative solution. This is just one of many exciting projects, with an announcement due at the start of the year for a more environmentally friendly way of disposing of contaminated plastic film. As the business has done for the last 10 years, the team will adapt according to what arises. Constant training and ensuring that everyone remains on top of the situation is key. North West Waste Consultants Ltd Best Construction Waste Management Company - North West England Ensuring that waste doesn’t all go indiscriminately to landfill is a major organisational task, and one that outside firms have begun to take the weight of in the past few years. One of these companies, drawing up bespoke programs for each project, is North West Waste Consultants. As the business aims for zero waste reaching the landfill, we take a closer look to discover the tricks of this particular trade.

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