Build Infrastructure Awards 2017

9 2017 Infrastructure Awards Build THINK GLOBAL, BUY LOCAL Our public spaces are made with high quality local materials such as Belgian bluestone, concrete paving stones and borders made or extracted in Belgium. The trees and plants used to fill the public areas are all indigenous plants. Since the firm are working with local companies, also in the different buildings, the supply chain is reduced in distance and time. WATER MANAGEMENT IS A NECESSITY In addition, the pedestrian promenades are organized around several open water basins with fountains and a park with an area of 1,4 ha. These public areas are also dedicated to the management of the rainwater by collecting and using the rain water in the basins. By heavy rain the water can be collected and stored and discharged with a delay towards the public water system. This open-air water management also highlights the water cycle and promotes the development of bio-diversity. Jacques Lefèvre, CEO of BPI; “Looking ahead, BPI continues to invent, design and build innovative and high quality real estate projects on a human scale in Belgium, Poland and Luxembourg, where great importance is attached to sustainable development. BPI contributes actively to the shape of the city and has the ambition to create more and more innovative projects which will shape the cities we live in, including Erasmus Gardens. Ultimately, Erasmus Gardens has the challenge to grow together with its inhabitants in the coming decade and being able to anticipate to the needs of the fast-growing market is the key message. At the moment, BPI has a well filled project portfolio. Nevertheless, BPI is always looking for new small and large scaled urban projects to develop in the core cities of Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland and in other countries, and we will continue to explore exciting new opportunities as the firm look towards a bright and prosperous future.