Build Infrastructure Awards 2017

Build 2017 Infrastructure Awards 8 mong its recent successful projects is Erasmus Gardens who won our price of best sustainable real estate project in Belgium. For BPI, Erasmus Gardens is a unique project created for the present and future generations which can grow together with its users thanks to the 4 main pillars applied in the project: central location, innovative use of land, innovation and mixed character to create a community. All of this is at an affordable price. CENTRAL LOCATION This project is a high-density development with an equivalent of 1.300 apartments that encourages urban growth at the fringe of Brussels. The development is well connected with the existing synergies of the surroundings with the valleys and fields of the Flemish Pajottenland, the golf course, the hospital Erasmus, the university and the business park with international companies. INNOVATIVE USE OF LAND With an area of 13ha, Erasmus Gardens, has an optimized use of land with a high density urban growth where high quality public spaces are integrated through pedestrian promenades. At the center of the site, our public square of 3.500 sqm [THE PLAZA] can be considered as the social hotspot of the project. Through these public pedestrian zones on site and by its location next to the subway, with a direct line to the inner city, a reduction of car usage is also encouraged. INNOVATION Think outside the box and being innovative are the key-challenges in a large scaled new neighborhood. In Erasmus Gardens innovation on different aspects are introduced by innovative use of land and innovative products with more flexibility such as new ways of living including micro-living with its support by local services e.g. car-sharing, smart mailboxes etc. Since people always live compacter, the urban infrastructure and social areas are gaining their importance. In this project these zones are the base of our development and can be used and grow together with their users. Other innovative initiatives are already introduced such as electrical power is provided to make the change to electrical cars in the future, smart mail- boxes for e-commerce, pop-up shops and many more to come. MIXED CHARACTER TO CREATE A COMMUNITY Through the variety of lot sizes, housing types and functions, the neighbourhood will have a mixed character and is in perfect balance through its social diversity, different generations, and diverse housing which is needed in a community with a high density. BPI explains that this dynamic project is a development for a whole decade, build in different phases; The first phase of the project consists out of a critical mass of 40.000 sqm, with a retirement home of 160 rooms, 35 service flats and 300 student rooms, which were sold to third-party developers. Also in the first phase, the whole infrastructure was built to already insure the high quality of infrastructure to the first inhabitants. Due to its big success, the development of the second phase followed almost immediately after the first phase including the development of private apartments of BPI, 240 apartments around the central square, and a school of 500 students and a kindergarten for 50 kids were developed. Several buildings with a different architecture, different products and apartment types, finishing levels and prices are introduced in order to serve the diversity on the market where our inhabitants and investors can identify themselves with. Currently, the third phase of 180 units is being developed utilising a new product with even more compact, more efficiency and flexible units will be integrated at a very affordable price to enlarge our social diversity of users. BPI is developing Erasmus gardens with a lot of attention to sustainable elements which were integrated in the different dynamic phases of the project. ENERGY PERFORMANCES The new regulation of Energy Performance of Buildings “EPB Brussels passive” is applicable since January 2015, and has positioned Brussels as one of the most advanced cities in Europe on the energy efficiency in buildings. The whole site of Erasmus Gardens is part of this dynamic revolution. Best Sustainable Real Estate Project – Belgium BPI is a key Real Estate Development actor with more than half a million square meters under development across various regions, Belgium-Luxembourg-Poland. BPI conceives, designs and develops innovative and sustainable high-quality projects with a human dimension. We invited BPI, to talk us through one of the firm’s most recent successes, Erasmus Gardens in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. A IA170003 Company: BPI Project Erasmus Gardens: development of BPI in partnership with Belfius Immo Contact Email: [email protected] , Project Development Director Leen Quanten Address: Avenue Herrmann- Debrouxlaan, 42, Brussels, BE 1160, Belgium Phone: 32 2 661 18 18 Architects: A2RC, Urbanist and landscaper: JNC