BUILD February 2017

14 BUILD / February 2017 , AVK Reveals Excellence in New Product Range For over 30 years AVKUK has been known throughout the construction industry and development sector for its leading edge products and rock-steady place in the supply chain. It is also now leading the pack in launching a range of five newwater mains-to-meter products. Here, BUILDmagazine explores howAVK is set to dominate the water mains-to-meter market with the AVK Pentoflow range, already dubbed ‘the most durable range onmarket’. The news that SSE Water is to install AVK Pentoflow products sent ripples across the construction industry. Only months earlier, AVK announced AVK Pentoflow with great confidence, not least because it had designed and developed the AVK Pentobox, AVK Pentomech, AVK Pentopush, AVK Pentovalve and AVK Pentotap in tandem with existing customers and end users. AVK Business Manager, James Pick, explains: “We consulted end users, including utilities, construction giants and self-lay companies, about the day-to-day issues they face when installing water meter-to-mains products. “The key matters raised were reliability, durability, value and connectivity. So they became the starting point for the AVK Pentoflow range.” The range is constructed of highly durable materials, delivering leading edge boundary boxes, PE mechanical and push- fit connections, stop taps and ferrules. SSE became the first utility company to get the AVK Pentoflow boundary boxes into the ground, in a huge housing development near Didcot. The 4,200-home development will benefit from AVK Pentoflow following SSE Water’s commitment to switching from a generic product to the only boundary box with an 8-tonne loading. James Pick says: “To have SSE give such a resounding vote of confidence is marvellous. AVK underwent field trials with SSE and proved the through-life value the entire range brings to developments of all sizes. They really put it to the test and it came out with flying colours. “On developments such as this, every detail counts, every product matters. Contractors need to get the installation of products right first time and need to reduce replacement works to a minimum.” Part of the AVK Pentoflow range is the AVK Pentopush solution, which is easy to specify and install. These fittings offer speed and reliability, both essential on-site. This means the end user has flexibility when connecting a pipe up to 63mm in diameter. The Universal fitting in this range allows repair connections to lead, galvanised steel, copper, PVCU, imperial polyethylene and metric PE. Even the infamous 54mm copper pipe can now be connected thanks to AVK Pentopush Universal fitting. This new patented range of composite fittings can be applied in one simple move, with no need for tools and no complicated pipe prep. The pipe simply enters the fitting easily - without the need for a high push-in force – and the push-back ring moves in the opposite direction, compressing the O-ring as the clamp ring grips the pipe, giving a leak tight connection, all in one move. “AVK Pentopush really sums up the entire range,” says James Pick. “It’s designed to be very easy to use, fast and straightforward. It means the customer can reduce time required, which translates as a reduction in budgets required for a job. “Because AVK Pentopush is glass-fibre reinforced engineering thermoplastic material it is as strong as metal, as corrosion resistant as thermoplastic and delivers outstanding thread strength.” As well as a Push-fit solution in the AVK Pentopush, AVK also realises that a mechanical option can be a preferred solution and the AVK Pentomech Universal range is fast becoming an essential product suite for carrying out a repair, as it allows complete flexibility when connecting a pipe up to 35mm in diameter. As with the AVK Pentopush products, Pentomech can connect on to lead, galvanised steel, copper, PVCU, imperial polyethylene and metric PE. The AVK Pentomech Balance Sealing System addresses the problem of needing a tightened connection without downgrading a seal’s performance. AVK Pentomech is designed to actually improve the seal’s performance as the nut is tightened. By aligning itself with utility companies’ and contractors’ growing focus on TOTEX-driven requirements for a water mains- to-meter range, the design of the entire AVK Pentoflow has reduced installation time while maintenance and operation costs are well below that of existing ranges. AVK is now running trials for key utility customers and discussing considerable advantages and value incentives available to largescale developments and projects. “The launch at last year’s No Dig Live prompted a huge reaction from utilities, contractors and self-lay companies concerned with TOTEX in every aspect of their businesses. Our products have been designed to address that,” explains AVK’s Kieran Fitzpatrick. “By delivering what we believe is the most durable range on the market we’re told we’ve struck the right note, because a higher standard of product will deliver greater through-life value.” AVK believes that the durability of the AVK Pentoflow range is key to the products’ success. Investment has been made in design and materials to deliver better made, longer-lasting and easier to install products. As Kieran Fitzpatrick proudly states: “Seeing contractors get their hands on the products and understanding how AVK Pentoflow range really takes mains-to-meter a giant leap 1701BU19