BUILD February 2017

K Company: KEO International Consultants Address: Free Trade Zone, Future Zone, Flamingo Complex, Bldg 6, Safat 13037 , P O Box 3679, Kuwait Phone: +965 2461 6000 Fax: +965 2461 6001 Email: [email protected] Website: Technology / KEO International Consultants: Brilliance in BIM g of BIM through the software, but it is important to understand that BIM is, at heart, a set of business processes coupled with technology that is revolutionizing the design industry. Success in this space means applying these BIM processes hand in hand with a wide range of software to maximize the utility of information embedded in the 3D models. “As features are modeled in 3D from the start, technical aspects which wouldn’t traditionally be considered until later in the project, or even on-site, are being addressed at earlier stages in the project. We feel that coordination with other disciplines throughout the lifecycle of the project provides the best design for the client, and BIM processes enhance the effectiveness of this coordination by making technical issues obvious. Integration of BIM into our workflows is driving our development as a design, engineering, and project management firm as we push the boundaries of what is achievable within the software and across the disciplines. This mirrors the ambitions of our clients and will remain our ongoing focus moving forward.”