Facilities Management Awards 2017

2017 Facilities Management Awards Build 13 stablished in 1970, Britannia Fire offers both cartridge and stored pressure fire extinguishers that are approved in many countries to give cover on all types of fire risks and manufactured for long operational use with easy maintenance. Founder Roger Carr has dedicated his life to improving the efficiency of the fire safety industry worldwide and serving his customers by inventing the most efficient and cost-effective products, and Britannia Fire is the culmination of his hard work and that of his dedicated and talented staff. Based in the heart of Norfolk, extinguishers made by Britannia Fire are exported all over the world and used in supermarkets, universities, office blocks and industrial locations including offshore oil and gas platforms – keeping thousands of people safe from the danger of fire. The firm’s unique P50 foam and powder fire extinguishers employ design technology constructed of composite materials which were pioneered by the aerospace and motor racing industries. The main construction of the P50 is a High-Density Polyethylene Aramid fibre Kevlar® type material woven onto the body; it is strong and incredibly light. The P50 incorporates three patented elements – the loose weave, blow moulded inner body and a locking neck ring. Customers who rely on the P50 include blue chip companies and household names, including Anglian Water, Thames Valley Police, universities and Credit Suisse’s Canary Wharf and Pall Mall offices. The company is based in a former railway yard in Ashwellthorpe in the centre of Norfolk close to the recently-improved A11 road giving access to the national transport network. However, its rural location has not stopped it flying the flag for exports, with its products now being sent to more than a dozen countries across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and soon to be Australia. Ultimately, Britannia Fire is on a mission to provide top quality fire safety equipment suited to the needs of a wide range of clients from all corners of the globe and in a huge variety of environments from retail shops and offices to oil rigs and petrochemical sites. This will remain the firm’s ongoing focus as it looks towards an exciting future laden with prospects. Best Fire Safety Equipment Provider - United Kingdom Britannia Fire is a leading UK fire extinguisher manufacturer offering a full range of portable and wheeled fire extinguishers. We explore how this innovative firm provides its vital products and the techniques that have helped it achieve the success it enjoys today. E FM170012 Company: Britannia Fire Ltd Contact: Karen White Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Ashwellthorpe Industrial Estate, Ashwellthorpe, Norwich, NR16 1ER, UK Phone: 1508481115 Website: http://www.britannia-fire.co.uk/

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