Facilities Management Awards 2017

Build 2017 Facilities Management Awards 12 stablished in 2015, AkitaBox was founded with the goal of improving the lives of people who interact with the built environment. Hoffmaster discusses the firm’s service offering in more detail. “At AkitaBox, we provide a powerful, visual, easy-to-use software that gives building managers all of their data in one place. We work within a variety of markets including but not limited to primary and secondary education, higher education, government and healthcare. Our most relevant market to date is institutional education. Ultimately, the AkitaBox software helps answer three crucial questions: what needs to be done, where is it located and who worked on it last. The software aggregates asset data and feeds it into digital floor plans. These features combine with a robust, intuitive work order management system to provide a turnkey solution for facility management professionals.” What sets the firm apart is its commitment to providing clients with the solutions they need, as Hoffmaster highlights. “The biggest hindrance to a successful CMMS experience is proper implementation. To differentiate from other companies that just provide software, AkitaBox includes a full data collection service. Our team of specialized data coordinators walk all client sites, take accurate measurements of their space, and collect an inventory of each mechanical asset on site. We input this data in-house at one of the most competitive prices in the industry in under 90 days.” With regards to the future, AkitaBox will continue to grow and evolve as it seeks to build upon its current success, as Hoffmaster concludes. “Moving forward, as new technologies develop, we strive to find creative ways to implement them in an effort to make our services as robust and inclusive as possible. Drone technology in particular is becoming useful in facility condition assessments for roofing and grounds. Longer term, AkitaBox will continue to expand into other markets domestically and internationally. Our solution benefits many industries and we are excited to support a wider variety of clients.” Best Institutional Facility Management Software Provider – USA & Most Client-Focused Facilities Management Company - USA AkitaBox offers an innovative facility management software which provides an organized and integrated home for a building’s plans, assets and maintenance records. Co-founder and CEO Todd Hoffmaster tells us more about the firm and how it has come to achieve the success it enjoys today. E FM170005 Company: Akitabox Contact: Nicole Jacobson Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 212 E Washington Ave Floor 4, Madison, Wisconsin, 53703, USA Phone: 16284001778 Website: home.akitabox.com

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