Build 2017 Facilities Management Awards

9 2017 Facilities Management Awards Build ow in its 17th year of business, CTS is the premium bespoke AV managed services company that provides a holistic approach to AV for large organisations, inside and external to their facilities and offices with: consulting, design and integration of their facilities and room technical systems; onsite technical support to manage the daily technology requests; as well as, production and event services that include multi-camera broadcasts and video filming and editing. “This understanding of the full spectrum of technology and AV within large organisations allows us to create a competitive dynamic with a single provider solution” states CTS Managing Director, Duncan Lugstein. The company’s audio-visual Production department prides itself on its customer-centric approach catered primarily for larger corporates and government departments. A majority of their production events are based around public announcements that have a high level of confidentiality or market sensitivity prior to the event itself. With the understanding of business continuity, and that nothing can go wrong or impact the event, there is a high level of redundancy built into all systems and set ups, including back up trained staff at the office ready at a moment’s notice should someone fall sick. It has been a year of success for CTS, capped off by the company’s nomination as one of eight finalists nationally in the Australian HR Awards Employer of Choice (1-99 employees) category. “This recognition shows the strength of our people, and their willingness to stay and be part of our growth. We attract and maintain the best in the industry in order to provide the best support” Lugstein said. “We are building a compelling story whether it is for potential employees to join us or other businesses wanting us to assist them with their audio-visual needs. We think the proof of the pudding is the number and level of trusted business partnerships we build. With some clients, we are able to truly be a business partner by offering the full suite of services including: on-site support; consulting; and, event and video production.” CTS also provide job rotation opportunities in their on-site contracts which enables team members to work closely with new and existing clients on a face-to-face basis. “We feel this helps our team to remember that the client is front and centre of all of our efforts” Lugstein said. “Across the board, we see more of a convergence between IT and AV, so exposing our staff to a wider variety of work and training and development activities enables us to keep up to pace with changes in the market.” As CTS is a professional services company in AV, the focus is on an all- inclusive approach to the presentation environment, rather than focusing on devices or how the presentation is broadcast or made available. It’s the focus on the customer that Lugstein believes gives the company a competitive advantage, “enabling and enhancing human interaction are central goals to our AV solutions. We evaluate what the message to be communicated is, and what is the best way to package and distribute it, in order to create the best user experience.” “The primary goal for the Production department is to create exceptional experiences for our clients that are greater than the sum of the content, technology and space” says Roger Wehbe, the CTS Head of Production. “This even includes determining what application will offer the best outcome and ROI, regardless if this is via: webcasting; teleconferencing; video conference; satellite; or other mediums. Most other competitors by default cannot incorporate such a broad view or product solution, as it may not be in their best interests to look into different innovative ways.” CTS’ ability to be agile and adapt to the needs of their clients is a real competitive advantage. Quite a number of other providers “white label” and utilise the production services of CTS to ensure that their offering is of the highest standard. “It is not unusual to be at an event where the webcasting, AV production, and other technology offerings are all contracted to different suppliers, yet all are provided and carried out by CTS” Lugstein noted. That tailored approach has seen CTS grow its webcasting workload with staff flying to Jakarta and Singapore in 2017 to oversee presentations to a world-wide market. Lugstein said “we see this as a real growth area for us in the next 12-24 months to complement our core offerings of AV event and video production. We were excited this year to strengthen our footprint in the Asia-Pacific market and this offers further opportunities to show our partners and clients what we can do on bigger events, both in terms of significance and the technology being used.” “The speed of technology adoption will have a positive effect on our business. As company leaders change generationally they focus more on technology than in the past, as they have been brought up with it and see the benefits rather than the cost. This can only lead to more companies adopting AV technology that in the past was thought of as too expensive or not necessary.” “We are proud of our Production Team and how they have grown,” Lugstein enthused. “We are continuing to focus on increasing our footprint nationally with more innovative solutions.” N Audio Visual Production Specialist - Australia