Build 2017 Facilities Management Awards

Build 2017 Facilities Management Awards 10 Founded in 2006, AHS are experts in providing innovative hygiene services whether its washroom supplies, specialist matting, clinical waste management, or infection control. Over the years, the company has worked hard to ensure that it continues to grow and provide clients with the highest possible level of service helping them to meet legislative requirements, whilst supporting sustainable targets, as Liesa highlights. “Since inception, it has been important for AHS to show a personal consultative level of service, mirrored in all departments. I personally feel ‘a leap of faith in your belief, coupled with a huge heart full of passion’ is needed to drive any vision forward and this is something AHS has in abundance. Communication is key within any successful organisation; similarly, as we do with our clients through our client questionnaires and verbal feedback to understand where we can improve, it is also important that we give our employees easy ways to feedback their ideas and suggestions. We encourage an open environment where ideas are shared. “Additionally, being passionate about what we do, we constantly listen to our market place and look to educate ourselves with innovative solutions to ensure that we deliver the needs of today and tomorrow. We seek opportunities for senior management to be motivated and engaged with outsourced training programmes. We recently attended The Business Show at Olympia and heard the inspirational stories of Levi Roots and Brad Burton. As we encourage our staff to grow each and every day we also look to motivate and focus on our growth from the top. Departmental goals are constantly understood and driven within the champion management team, along with individual action plans and goals for clear focus, monitoring, measurement and growth.” Another key aspect of the company’s ongoing success is its staff, all of whom work hard to ensure excellence for the company. Liesa explains how AHS works with them to create a comfortable and collaborative working environment in which they can flourish. “To meet the needs of our clients, at AHS we understand that our vision has to include the most valuable asset being our people, and as such we invest Best Air Sterilisation Specialists - United Kingdom Absolute Hygiene Solutions (AHS) is a leading workplace service provider, covering London and the South East. Liesa Brownless talks us through the company and the secrets behind its success so far. F FM170002 Company: Absolute Hygiene Solutions Ltd Contact: Liesa Brownless Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Unit 42 I.O Centre, Woolwich, London, SE18 6RS, UK Phone: 2083179693 Website: heavily in our staff, and they are very much part of our journey. We pride ourselves on having a team who care about their environmental footprint and are ambassadors for our views here at AHS. We are an independent business with a great selection of personalities across all departments who work together to ensure AHS is a success every day. Internally, we are comprised primarily of a Sales department, Service Team, Accounts, Purchasing and Marketing. Our uniformed professional service technicians are really the face of AHS, interacting with the clients on a daily basis ensuring our products are replenished and working effectively, keeping our customers happy and helping them to reach their own sustainability targets. “To create a fun and enjoyable work environment, we reward our staff for their success and loyalty to AHS. Individual set goals and targets bring about focus, motivation and results. Achievements are regularly understood and recognised at company meetings within peer groups so that hard work and progression is recognised and rewarded. This summer we had a team building fun day, of canoeing and archery, where we announced our ‘employee of the year’ for outstanding contribution and performance.” Overall, it is the company’s focus on creating environmentally friendly solutions which meet the needs of its clients which will be its ongoing focus, as Liesa proudly concludes. “Ultimately, AHS are dedicated to reducing environmental impact in any way we can, we are ISO14001 accredited with respect to our environmental and sustainability targets, and operate an innovative ‘waste to energy’ clinical disposal method. With an estimated 2 billion items of sanitary products being flushed down Britain’s toilets every year, we are committed to promoting the safe and responsible disposal of these. “Our environmentally friendly AirSteril units treat the root cause of odour problems working to purify the air using no chemicals or filters. Air passes through five processes that work together to disrupt the DNA of bacteria as well as electrically charging the air to remove contaminates and producing Hydroxyl Radicals, one of the strongest oxidisers known. Infection control brings about a significant reduction of sickness and absenteeism.