BUILD - Architecture Awards 2017

85 2017 Architecture Awards Build he architect Stephan Maria Lang possesses an extraordinary talent for grasping the special quality of any given site and combining it with the personality of his clients. His firm’s projects, with their atmospheric visual composition, illustrate the diversity and individuality of his work. The design of sensitive aesthetic spaces with the timeless quality of build sculptures is my prime aspect of modern living. To express the search of individuality and truth in a more and more deteriorating global world and thereby combine the sensorial power of space, light and material with the unique quality of the terroir nourishes the fun and enjoyment to create new unique architectural solutions. The harmony of landscape and build structure should touch the soul. These essential qualities of life are inspired from Japanese art, with the appreciation of patina, and the beauty of the imperfect. The firm’s projects make use of the latest technologies in a matter of course in order to meet the need for comfort and energy efficiency and thus reveal the complexity of the company’s fascinating architecture. However, the essential qualities of this way of life are inspiration from Japanese thought, an appreciation of patina, and the beauty of the imperfect. Incepted in 1995, the firm is based in Munich and its client base includes well-educated art-loving private A-list clients. Working in such a competitive industry the firm must differentiate itself from its competitors, looking to attract the best business and best clients. From start to finish the workforce at the company work extremely hard to incorporate the clients’ ideas and make sure that their requirements are not only met but also surpassed. The quality and beauty of Stephan Maria Lang’s works lay in hidden details, in the surprising views, in the play of light and shadow, and in the integration of landscape, garden, and interior into a Gesamtkunstwerk, an integrated and holistic masterpiece of architecture. This is what sets the company firmly aside from the competition and differentiates it in its area of expertise. Indeed, many clients have commented how they appreciate the firm’s tireless work, from the start of a project to the last screw, and the personal architecture that has clearly come from the heart and soul. Best Full-Service Architecture Firm – Bavaria & Best Restaurant Interior Design 2017: Restaurant Guido Al Duomo, Munich. Stephan Maria Lang Architects is an innovative architecture firm based in Munich. We profiled the firm and its owner, Stephan Maria Lang to find out more about the recent achievements which have been gained. Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Winterstraße 4, 81543 München Telephone: +49 (0) 89 661080 AR170106 T The team at Stephan Maria Lang are an excellent team of specialised engineers, who are dedicated to the complex projects which the firm undertakes, and have helped the firm get recognised in the Build Awards 2017. Looking to the future, Stephan Maria Lang hopes to slowly grow to become one of the leading architects for private residences. The firm has had a book published entitled Stephan Maria Lang – Architecture for the Soul; another fantastic accolade for the company. This can only be good for the firm and it is exciting times for Stephan Maria Lang Architects as it capitalises on its success within the architectural industry.