BUILD - Architecture Awards 2017

84 Build 2017 Architecture Awards aisuria Architects’ design philosophy is based upon people’s relationship with space, how they experience space and how space effects their being. The company’s enthusiasm for creating, making, designing and developing spaces stems from the firm belief that creativity improves lives. All of the firm’s design solutions encapsulate this ethos which is utilised throughout the procurement of its projects. Staff’s interest lies in innovative, progressive architectural design. Matt talks to us about the company’s recent projects and some of the challenges that the firm has faced when working on these projects. He then goes on to explain Maisuria Architects’ overall mission, outlining how staff plan to achieve their goals. Working together is a key part of the firm’s business. “With all staff working towards achieving the same mission, we seek to constantly question and evaluate the way in which we live today. By forming intimate, authentic relationships with our clients and creating conversations where we can be self-critical and challenge social conformities in a constructive, progressive and regenerative manner we are able to explore innovative ways to enrich and enhance our lifestyles through architecture. We believe that collaborative work gives the most desired outcome. Every client is individual and involving them in the entirety of the process not only allows us to gain a better understanding of their requirements, but also turns their project into an experiential journey, which we feel adds to the quality of the spaces when occupied.” Customer satisfaction is a key factor in Maisuria Architects’ success. Therefore, it is important to approach every project in a sophisticated and detailed manner, making sure the team listen to its client’s needs. Matt discusses how the firm aims to meet and surpass the client’s expectations. “Staff treat each project with complete focus and attention. They are always listening to our client’s needs and narratives. Studies of the immediate and wider context is imperative to us. Scale of economies, costs and pragmatism are the factors influencing our design intents and solutions. For us every project can have a strong Architectural quality brought out of it simply by thoroughly working the design.” Matt details how he believes Maisuria Architects differentiates itself from other architecture firms, marking itself out as the best possible option for prospective and new clients. Best Design-Focused Architectural Practice - Surrey Maisuria Architects Ltd are a design focused practice committed to an innovative approach to progressive architectural design that is equally practical, sustainable, contextual and lifestyle enhancing. We spoke to Matt Maisuria to find out what it is that makes the firm so enticing to clients. Contact: Matt Maisuria Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Northdown Villa, South Cheam, Surrey, SM2 7AA, UK Phone: 0208 240 0882 Website: AR170100 M “Not only does our enthusiasm and passion for design drive us, in the ever changing market of today and the importance of socioeconomic, environmental and political factors, we also feel it’s important to remain current and up to date with architectural trends and technology. This interest and research within the studio allows us to use the latest technologies in our projects to ensure the most environmentally efficient, cost and time effective solutions. Advancing technologies also enable us to portray the designs to our clients in a more succinct way, we often use 3-D modelling software and photorealistic rendered images to aid our presentations and conversations with clients, allowing better understanding of spaces, more so than a 2-D plan would provide. A near future goal for us is to encompass developing technologies such as the use of drones and Virtual Reality systems. This will further enhance our client’s insight into the bespoke spaces our designs will offer them.” “Exchanging ideas and collaboration with other architects also enables us to gain alternate perspectives about the direction of our industry. As the role of the architect becomes more important in the urban agenda our skills are extremely necessary to create well thought out quality spaces and fabric within the urban realm. Exciting times for us as we move into larger framework of work which will link up to the public realm and infrastructure of people’s lives.”