BUILD - Architecture Awards 2017

103 2017 Architecture Awards Build roviding clients with the right lighting, furnishing and smart technology, Die Welle leave clients with a wealth of expressive living and experience spaces. The company’s certified lighting designers and designers can offer the client something special because they themselves are unique in their own certain ways. Die Welle provide clients with all the services, from lighting planning to room design to execution; both regional and superregional. The range extends from private homes to companies, hotels, restaurants, cafes, sales rooms, public spaces, practices and offices. On request, it can also take care of the complete property support. The client is at the centre of the company’s planning approach. For the design to work, the client has to feel comfortable in a room which fits them and meets the requirements. In addition to the necessary technical and economical approaches, the planners naturally also incorporate the clients wishes and preferences into the considerations and planning. Die Welle’s goal is to create a holistic spatial design with materials, colours and shapes, which harmoniously fits into the project. Whether lighting, shading or entertainment, everything becomes smart when Die Welle has finished its project. Although a smart home is sometimes considered to be smart if people can turn the lights on and off using a mobile phone, Die Welle thinks deeper and ensures that additional solutions of possessing a smart home, such as presence simulation to deter burglars are really of benefit. The furnishing of dwellings, houses and companies represent real life as well as the aesthetic feeling of its inhabitants or operators. For this reason, their objective should be planned in detail. The experience of our designers plays an important role. Staff are the pilot so that their house begins to live. The right combination of materials makes people’s rooms unique, comfortable and familiar. Best Smart Control Lighting Provider – Western Europe Die Welle is a control lighting provider, based in Germany. Being a visionary spirit, the company is always a wave-length ahead. We profiled the company to try and find out a bit more about the services it offers. Contact: Arndt Wintergest Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Kemptener Strasse 14, 87448 Waltenhofen, Germany Phone: 0049 831 5126707 Website: AR170113 P Ultimately, Die Welle offers digital comfort for clients’ needs. All of its solutions are easy to use, whether it be via smartphone or installed buttons, providing the upmost quality to clients. The concept is based on cross-spatial, digital networking of lighting, entertainment and shading functions, as well as the integration of cross-plant components for perfect comfort. Everything is about making the client comfortable.