BUILD - Architecture Awards 2017

102 Build 2017 Architecture Awards ODE have always believed that architecture is about communication: Communication about ideas with the client, about a design with the builder and about the client with the public. Failures in the process are invariably failures of communication and so NODE see themselves not at the head of the team of individuals required to produce a building, but at its centre, as both a source and a conduit for communication between its members. Along with a decisive and visionary client and a dedicated design and construction team, it is this thinking that allowed Toyota Liffey Valley, a 30,000 sq.ft. flagship car showroom and service centre to open its doors in November of 2016 after a construction period of just six months. Indeed, from sketch design to completion the whole project took just over 12 months to complete and so it is a good example of how, with good communication, a facility such as this can be delivered effectively and efficiently. The location of the site, overlooking a major urban artery, represented an opportunity to create a landmark building for the brand. The sales and service functions are clearly differentiated as two interlinking architectural volumes clad in high quality architectural panels. The former, facing the access road to the south, is expressed as a seven meter high white box with a large glazing element to display the product and the latter, a nine meter high grey workshop volume, is sited to the north to achieve maximum presence on the main road. The North East corner of this volume is marked with an 11 m high tower structure that, while concealing roof top plant, hosts prominent Toyota signage on its north and east facades. The tower is clad in the same white panel as the sales volume, and is fully illuminated at night to maintain its prominence. The building envelope is punctuated by notes of the accent red of the Toyota brand, most prominently over the six meter high glazed portion of the sales Best Commercial Architecture Firm – Ireland & Car Showroom Design Project of the Year 2017: Toyota, Liffey Valley NODE Architecture, the partnership of Noel O’Dwyer and Dave Egan, believe that great buildings can and should be delivered quickly, painlessly and inexpensively. Toyota Liffey Valley is a case in point. Contact: Dave Egan Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 42 Dawson Street, Dublin, D02 NX79, Ireland Phone: 00353 17645 945 Website: AR170110 N volume where it forms a 3 m deep canopy framing the product and controlling heat gain. The building is finished and detailed to the highest levels and, in becoming the template for all future Toyota facilities, it aims to raise the standard of the built expression of the brand.