Build November_2016

Build Magazine 31 Interior Design & Decorating Legend Interiors is one of the leading interior fit-out specialists in the Asia Pacific region. Established since 1988, its client base has grown to comprise the world’s most renowned brands such as Dolce Gabbana, Christian Dior, Barclays, Cathay Pacific, Cisco, Swire Hotels, among many others. All of these clients and more are provided with turnkey services ranging from the initial feasibility studies, cost estimation, design to management, construction and maintenance. aving worked with renowned brands, architects, interior designers, and cost and projectmanagementconsultancies,Legend Interiors offers a specialised expertise that is rare to find elsewhere in the industry. Underpinning this is a deeply-set acknowledgement that each facet of the construction development requires a hands-on approach. Believing that quality is about personalisation and experiences, Legend’s services are bespoke and tailored to each client, with the ultimate goal being to work towards building long-term relationships through impeccable craftsmanship and an innate understanding of practical real world applications. There is a growth opportunity in South East Asia – Legend Interiors is well aware of this. Although some other regions are experiencing some slowdown, Legend has managed to maintain and even expand its core base of clients steadily, mainly due to relentless quality standards and word-of-mouth through its portfolio of successfully completed projects. It all comes down to quality. From the onset of receiving the design concept and schematic drawings, Legend’s trained teams of over 300 employees begin a well-oiled process of setting the foundation right by understanding the design intent, budget constraints, and overall experience of the spaces. With a wealth of experience in interior fit-out, the teams of designers, project managers and quantity surveyors set off by visualising the final perspective – the end-result, and work towards ensuring how the individual elements achieve the overall objectives. Legend’s processes and equipment go through stringent testing and quality checks to ensure the final product lives up to standards and oftentimes surpassing industry expectations. Taking pride in understanding design, each specialist is trained to treat each piece as a bespoke centrepiece and never a mass production. As interior fabricators, Legend builds the framework with the ultimate experience in mind and with the inside knowledge of the industry. In that way, each brand is able to captivate each visitor, elevate the brand and distinctly set it apart it from its competitor. Partnering Top Brands, Delivering Impeccable Quality H Together with their partners, Legend’s network of facilities extends across the Asia Pacific serving international markets. The engineers and research teams continue to advance the manufacturing technology, solidifying their position as market leaders. With a large majority of its business coming from repeat customers – many of whom have become close partners over the years – Legend is unashamed in its reliance upon a customer-based model. These relationships were nurtured by taking the time to understand their client requirements over regular scheduled meetings in larger groups, where all stakeholders are present, but also in smaller work groups for agile problem solving and brainstorming. Each team member is empowered to make decisions in their area of charge, which comes from a place of earned authority. A lot of insights gathered are discovered by taking time outside of regular meetings to understand each client’s personality, their pain points and challenges in their current role. These approaches help the teams to prioritise tasks and visualise in the bigger scheme of things, on how their client’s success will be evaluated. As the nature of Legend’s work is largely service-oriented, they strongly affirm how it is key to allocate the right leader for each project, someone who will be able to build a good rapport with the client and then distil these insights down to the team. Having a good understanding of the team’s dynamics and experience has played a key part in the effective communication flow between Legend’s clients and the team. With a growing coterie of clients, Legend’s network of specialists operates out of offices across the region: from their headquarters in Hong Kong, the enterprise encompasses major cities such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Macau. From these key locations, Legend Interiors are able to service the global arena whilst acquiring an international portfolio, with clients beyond Asia Pacific such as USA, Europe, UAE and Australia. Company: Legend Interiors Limited Contact: Chereen Tai Email: [email protected] Web Address: Offices: Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Macau, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok (refer website for full addresses) Telephone: +65 6805 1800 Best Interior Fit-Out Specialists - Asia Pacific Dior, Landmark, Hong Kong