Build November_2016

Build Magazine 30 Interior Design & Decorating Kern-Design, has been designing national and international projects at the highest individual level for 30 years now. Alongside empathic understanding, cost security and the establishment of tight deadlines, interior architect Norbert E. Kern, and interior designer Sabine Kober together, with her team, provide the most important basis for long-term customer satisfaction; this is exemplified through their mantra, ‘holistic aesthetics, passion for technology, and the highest quality standards of design, planning and implementation.’ ern-Design Interior Architecture & Design made its first appearance on the market when it was founded in 1986 in Frankfurt, born from the epoch of postmodern architecture inspired by a neo-baroque art form, in addition to neo-cubism influences. Founder Sabine Kober supports her customers in the search for their personal style, drawing upon this portfolio of vibrant, expressive forms to display herself and her firm as clear choices for clients in search of architectural adventure. When Sabine and her team first meet with a new client, these initial encounters comprise of, in Sabine’s words, “a thorough analysis of the customer’s requirements, which gives us first notes from which to build our vision. For this, we have custom checklists that give the customer an overview of the necessary information, without it becoming overwhelming or off-putting. “During the design phase, we repeatedly take the time to sit down, pick the actual task apart, and then look at the results between from an external perspective. This way, we are in a better position to critically evaluate our results, having given ourselves the necessary distance from which to correctly observe everything that could be done better.” It is this aspect of the business that Sabine believes is particularly essential to creating success in the interior design and architectural market, and she is emphatic in her belief that Kern-Design more than delivers on this, through a proactive attitude towards client insight and robust applied knowledge. “We let our customers share our thoughts from a very early stage in the process,” Sabine says, “and we put many of these ideas into our 3D renderings too.” We visit the world’s leading exhibitions and trade shows and trend-scout new style directions and materials. “Our design is based on the knowledge of the limbic system – a path for perfect decisions, so that we can position ourselves with empathy towards the customers’ feelings. A Penchant for the Post-Modern K The progress of digitization, and also the great longing for a comfortable refugium felt by many a client living in an urban area, exerts a considerable challenge upon Sabine to remain up to date with the latest technological trends, and to be able to fully comprehend the best ways of employing this technology for the benefit of the company. That said, Kern-Design have a track record that shows their ability to overcome these obstacles, and incorporate new, technology-savvy ways of incorporating digital- based concepts into more traditional, more personal means of communicating with clients and developing a meaningful solution to their needs. For a well-known hotel company, Sabine and her team developed a new solution of the digital travel management, together with a range of corresponding interior concepts. This was, according to Sabine, an incredibly exciting process, and touched all parts of the traveling process. It demonstrated that a complete guest journey was now possible, with high customer loyalty being an obvious and highly noticeable effect. As a new attraction, Kern-Design offers its customers a fully equipped show apartment in Frankfurt – there, one can spend some days enjoying all of the sophisticated design elements on display, an homage to architects of past decades that embraced neo-cubism and neo- classical designs, whilst also showcasing the potential for these guests to benefit from Kern-Design’s masterful employment of strategies to produce results like this on their projects. Of the allure of this show apartment, Sabine says, “it has always proven to be a major draw, and continually fascinates and impresses the guests.” Company: KERNDESIGN.STUDIO Name: Sabine Kober und Norbert E. Kern Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: walter kolb str. 9-11 / D-60594 frankfurt am mmain Telephone: +49 69 789 54 33 Best for Interior Design 2016 - Germany