Build Facilities Management Awards 2016

21 2016 Facilities Management Awards Build As SAT has continued to grow, keeping a uniform culture has proven difficult, between their scopes of work and demand. Sergio believes that the larger a company becomes, the more that culture has to reinvent itself to accommodate more employees and the need for management. “Alongside providing free meals, employee parties and financial bonuses, we support our employees through education packages, health coverage and various work incentives to retain talent, maintain our vision and provide constructive challenges. It is important for us to continue to create a positive work environment where employees feel valued, accomplished and heard, because they are the backbone of our company. “We are looking forward to the upcoming year with our team; we want to become the general contractor of general contractors. Not a company of choice when selected, but a company that is automatically chosen. One of our important goals is to become a developer someday, and we are certainly getting there.”