Build Facilities Management Awards 2016

Build 2016 Facilities Management Awards 20 AT Consulting’s mission is to be the most responsive and innovative contractor it can be. The team challenge themselves every day, and are continuously shaping the company based on their vision, and backing this up with a solid plan and real exe- cution. Sergio acknowledges the long and endless path of learning involved in this business, and supports his team throughout this continuous process. “We challenge ourselves because it is in our nature to do so. Our scope of work is incredibly broad; we do not define our specialities, as when a client presents us with the challenges they are facing, we tackle them, we do not just specialise and refuse other work. The success of SAT Consulting relies on our people, as they are the ones that drive our company; behind the desk or onsite, our team gear up the tool belt to get the job done. It has been almost ten years since our foundation, and we are proud to say that we are still a zero accident company. “Construction is not an easy industry, and for us, the road has been paved with many difficulties that we have had to overcome, alongside the exciting opportunities that have been presented to us. It’s a tough path to build, but when you are responsive, effective and save your clients’ time and money, we walk away from a project knowing they will call back. Our clients attest to our skills, motivation, and how thoroughly we embrace their needs. “Our company currently operates three main divisions: Interior Control Demolition, Consulting, and General Construction for new and renovated buildings. However, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are not just another subcontractor; we are goal oriented and our specialty relies on providing solutions that ensure a project is not just successful for our clients, but for our clients’ clients.” SAT Consulting is an Edmonton based company, with the team participat- ing in work all over Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Despite this wide range, Edmonton remains home for the company, who value the diverse and proactive work that allows them to continue their professional development. SAT Consulting are proactively taking on every opportunity they can, as Sergio explains. “Alberta is currently under a lot of financial stress due to the low price of oil in the international market, and therefore many projects have stalled. The competition has become more aggressive, meaning that the integration of our processes and services needs to be more effective. It is during times like this where we can thank developers, investors and the government’s plans for new and remodelling of infrastructure, which we hope will boost stalled projects and allow us to continue seizing every opportunity. “In this current age of technology and globalization, having a solid platform and up-to-date technology is what allows us to keep moving at a faster pace and to keep customer satisfaction levels high. We are able to communicate thoroughly with our customers, from responding to an email within seconds to being able to share a full set of drawings and reports with our clients. A computer alone is not good enough; we make use of efficient software and we are currently exploring the development of our platform to better serve our clients. We hope that these proactive investments will pay off in the future and help us to continue growing the business. “We also foresee this technology helping with our project management, as every project we undertake is different from the last; in 2016, our portfolio was so broad, we had to make sure that our approach matched. We par- ticipated in projects ranging from a private bathroom renovation, to a 30+ storey high rise, with a combined value of $165 million. While we are a small piece of these projects, it’s a great feeling to be a part of the changing land- scape that is defining our cities and our industry. We are constantly adapting and evaluate our system on a project by project basis. We are an adaptable company that thrives on developing solid plans and addressing these plans with swift execution. We love working on high-rises, and multifamily proper- ties, so we hope to continue to be a part of more of these in the future.” Subcontractor of the Year - Canada SAT Consulting is all about people. The company was founded in November 2007, when a 23-year-old Sergio Alejandro Torres took up the challenge of building a company that was fully focused on exceptional service. Since then, SAT Consulting & Construction has become a leader in general contractor supply, trade support and consultancy to some of Canada’s largest construction companies. S FM160003 Company: SAT Consulting & Construction Inc. Name: Sergio Alejandro Torres Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 6760-99 St NW, Edmonton Alberta Canada Telephone: 7809935300