Build Magazine July 2015

Build Magazine 6 Camgian Awarded Infrastructure Contract by U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Camgian Microsystems has announced they have signed a contract to the Internet of Things product to civil infrastructure through project with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. Utilising their award winning Internet of Things (IoT) product Egburt, Camgian will design and build a novel platform for implementing secure, scalable smart infrastructure solutions across a broad range of remote assets that the USACE maintains. These assets include locks, bridges, dams and leveesand Camgain’s service will also be providing critical operational and structural intelligence that supports improved system performance and maintenance. Gary Butler, chairman and CEO of Camgian commented on the contract. ‘Enabling our nation’s civil infrastructure with advanced IoT technologies such as Egburt will lead to revolutionary improvements in efficiency, reliability and safety. Moreover, insights gleaned from this new digital window into our infrastruc- ture’s operations will serve as a critical resource for designing and building next generation sys- tems for more effectively meeting the demands of our growing population.’ The new technology provided by Camgian would rejuvenate the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers’ infrastructure systems according to the USACE’s engineering lead for the contract, Matthew Smith. ‘USACE operates and maintains a vast array of aging infrastructure. Structural health monitoring and automated decision support technologies are critical to detecting problems with infrastructure and ascertaining the safety and reliability of these assets. Developing cost effective and flexible sensing and analytic capabilities is the key to bringing these much needed technologies into our daily operational processes.’ The firm, which deals in fully integrated, cloud- based construction program management software, has announced that it has acquired the assets of Scenario Virtual Project Delivery. Scenario Virtual Project Delivery is a leader in collaborative Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology for construction. This transaction extends e-Builder Enterprise, the company’s award winning project management infor- mation system by tightly integrating it with BIM. The full terms of the acquisition are yet to be disclosed. A leading start-up established in 2010, Scenario VPD created an innovative SaaS-based BIM integra- tion platform for design, construction and operation of complex projects and structures. This award winning platform was deployed on various high-tech manufacturing, educational, healthcare, aviation and theme park projects including one of the top five largest projects in the world with an aggregate project value of over $8 billion. With roots in the turnkey construction and fabrication industry, Sce- nario VPD experienced first-hand the value of digital modelling and collaboration and the use of this technology to improve project outcomes. This expe- rience combined with the significant investment in research and development in the last six years re- sulted in a truly unique and innovative collaborative BIM platform for construction management. Ron Antevy, President and CEO of e-Builder made it clear that the move into BIM was a key step for the firm. ‘BIM adoption rates are on the rise as facility owners seek new strategies to improve project outcomes and reduce the risk on their projects. This acqui- sition strengthens our commitment to provide the most complete system to manage capital projects specifically for the facility owner. While many project management and BIM technologies are available for contractors and designers, our combined tech- nology will provide the only integrated system that is designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the building owner throughout the process from planning to construction.’ Roland Soohoo, President and Board Member of Scenario also commented on the acquisition. ‘Scenario is extremely pleased that e-Builder as an industry leader will continue the heritage of innova- tion and extend the capabilities of the platform for better owner and project outcomes.’ Phil Cherne, Chairman of Scenario added, ‘We look forward to a bright future for the AEC industry as BIM will only grow in popularity as a critical Construction Management tool.’ Scenario VPD is a subsidiary of KHS&S Contractors an international design-assist specialty subcontractor that creates spectacular interiors, exteriors, prefabri- cated building components, themed environments, rockwork, water features and specialty finishes for some of the most recognized projects in the world. e-Builder Expands into BIM Industry