Build Magazine July 2015

Build Magazine 5 Viewpoint Construction Software announces the latest 4Projects release providing critical features to meet BIM Level 2 compliance, a precondition of winning government construction projects by 2016 in the UK. Viewpoint Construction Software announces the latest 4Projects release providing critical features to meet BIM Level 2 compliance, a precondition of winning government construction projects by 2016 in the UK. 4Projects helps project managers save time tracking how and when their project team mem- bers deliver what is needed during the project lifecycle and ensures contractors meet Level 2 compliance standards. The software is a collaborative project manage- ment solution that integrates the entire project team - owners, architects, construction managers, engineers, and subcontractors - to facilitate a truly collaborative building effort. It includes Document Control, Project Communications, BIM viewing and management, and mobile capabilities to help en- sure the right information reaches the right people at the right time. 4Project’s BIM Information Planner brings the management of the model information into a truly collaborative environment. It allows project man- agers to assign roles as well as establish and track which deliverables are required at different stages of the project and to what level of detail. BIM Project Wins Canary Wharf Award 3D Repo have won the ‘Virtual Design and Con- struction’section of the awards with their open source Building Information Modelling platform. 3D Repo’s winning platform is an open source Building Information Modelling system which enables better collaboration on con- struction projects. The firm, which specialises in open source tech- nology, won in the third wave of the Canary Wharf Group’s Cognicity Challenge, which was created to help identify ground-breaking technologies in the construction industry. The ‘Connected Home’ stream of the challenge was jointly won by BlockDox and Puckily, who will share the £50,000 cash prize and collabo- rate on the piolet scheme. Puckily’s innovation allows a range of devices around the home to be connected and controlled remotely, while BlockDox has developed an app which enables residents to perform everyday tasks, such as organising repair work and contacting manage- ment, more quickly and easily. The combina- tion of the two will create a technological tool capable of significantly improving the ease with which home repairs are managed. The challenge was created in conjunction with Cognicity, a smart city accelerator programme designed and delivered by ENTIQ for Canary Wharf Group. The program aims to support the development of ground-breaking technologies, drawing on the expertise of CWG executives and a number of industry leaders including Intel and ARUP. Sir George Iacobescu, Chairman and CEO of Canary Wharf Group, described the program in his comments on the award. ‘We chose to run the Cognicity Challenge to iden- tify companies and technologies which will help ensure that Canary Wharf Group’s developments remain among some of the most advanced in the world. Collaborating with 36 startups has provided the opportunity to appraise our own processes and understanding of innovation in the smart cities arena, at the same time as helping shape their thinking and products. We are looking forward to the piloting phase and its outcomes.’ Claire Cockerton, CEO and Chairwoman of ENTIQ, added a comment on the subject of the awards. ‘This is just the beginning of an incredible journey for 3D Repo, Puckily and BlockDox. Their solutions will drastically improve the way we plan construction projects and interact with our homes. A procurement model like Cognicity is one of the best ways of ensuring lasting, authen- tic innovation which has the power to transform the urban environment as we know it.’ “We realize that all levels in the construction supply chain will need to demonstrate BIM Level 2 compli- ance in the next year and we are focused on helping contractors on government projects, as well as private sector contractors, meet these requirements,” stated Rob Humphreys, Vice President of Global Product Management at Viewpoint. “By allowing entire project teams to walk through models and quickly coordinate and update information, identify risks, and quickly assign, track, and manage tasks to resolution, we help customers meet this compliance. The 4Projects BIM solution also helps project managers save time by identifying and validating whether the information they are receiving is what was requested, avoiding errors and interruptions later on. The enhancements available in this release were heavily influenced by ongoing customer feedback. This feedback helps ensure we are enhancing our software to meet the needs of the market and to maintain our role as the leading project collaboration provider in the industry.” Additional BIM viewing and management updates include Model Differencing, allowing users can quickly identify changes between 3D model revisions with color-coded tracking. This helps ensure the changes requested are reflected in the model; Model Measurement Tool which allows team members to easily gather dimensions when in the field, taking point-to-point measurements from models using snap points and the File Name Checking Tool which lets administrators of the Information Planner can set file name requirements to help guarantee all models in the BIM container follow the required naming con- vention, which helps users easily find files needed. 4Projects by Viewpoint Features BIM Level 2 Compliance