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Build Magazine 59 Maximising Sustainable Legacy Company: Linebacker UK Ltd t/a Terraplas Email: [email protected] Phone: +44 (0)1332 812813 Web Address: Address: The Barn, Hall Farm House, High Street, Castle Donington, Derby, DE74 2PP, UK. Terraplas’ attention to detail and experience in this specialised market, Robert claims, is second to none, with each system being configured to match the client’s particular needs, ensuring a system that always fits the bill. He says: “Terraplas fully understands the challenges that stadiums face on a daily basis, in order to keep them in use as long as possible. We have extensive knowledge of how turf protection systems and quality turf both interact with one another. We are therefore able to provide guidance and support to the Groundsmen who need to maintain their playing surfaces, whilst the venue has the opportunity to raise considerable additional revenue from concerts and other events. “It is a well-established fact in the business that a concert event can generate at least twice the revenue of a sports event, so it is vital that stadiums have access to the best turf protection possible, in order to be able to address both aspects without detriment to either.” Terraplas’ noted presence and valuable contributions in the market has made them a well-recognised entity, and this has drawn the attention of some of the biggest, most authoritative names in the industry, around whom stadium sports and events revolve. Terraplas has become a stadium partner with the European Stadium & Safety Management Association (ESSMA) and the Event Stadium Suppliers Group (ESSG), both of whom are highly reputable organisations within the industry. Through these partnerships, Terraplas has the ideal platform from which to further increase their profile, as Robert explains: “It allows us to participate in their various events throughout the year, which gives us one- to-one contact with the people that matter; particularly the Turf Managers who have a vested interest in getting the very best solution for their stadium requirements, as the buck stops with them as far as maintenance of the playing surface quality is concerned. This makes establishing relationships with them one of our highest priorities.” Being the pioneers in modern turf protection construction and provision, Terraplas cannot afford to be complacent – indeed, their business ethic continues in the same bold, innovative spirit with which it began in 1990, as Robert explains: “Being the market leader keeps us on our toes. We are constantly monitoring our clients’ requirements to match with our designs and materials. We employ a continuous research and development programme to ensure we are always ahead of the game. Stadiums are subject to constantly changing requirements, so we have to be flexible enough to both anticipate and react well to these changes, and be ready to supply them with whatever alternative they desire.” Owing to their successes over the last 26 years, Terraplas is now a valued part of the internationally renowned ‘Checkers Safety Group’, manufacturers of Yellow Jackets and Ground Guards, amongst many other products. Cabling channelling systems such as these are widely used in stadiums and arenas internationally. Recent acquisitions by Checkers Safety Group means that their portfolio now encompasses not only their own extensive range of safety products, but also a huge variety of heavy-duty outdoor matting products, commercial flooring mats and parking safety products. The prestigious range of Terraplas quality turf protection products take pride of place among them. As Robert comments: “This new structure provides a comprehensive support mechanism for Terraplas and the sister companies going forward; their close involvement with this leading organisation signals a hopeful future, as it becomes easier for future products to incorporate these two crucial aspects of construction.”