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Build Magazine 58 Terraplas is the market leader for Turf Protection, having pioneered the concept of ‘Turf Protection’, as opposed to simply ‘turf covers’, over 25 years ago. Offering a comprehensive range of products to suit any environment and accommodate varying budgets – from Entry Level to Very Heavy Duty – they have a product to suit any client’s specific requirements. As the company boasts, “No Matter the Climate, Location or Event, Terraplas has the Ultimate Solution”. hen Terraplas was first established in 1990 by Robert Else, this fledging company worked closely alongside professionals at the old Wembley Stadium in London, to develop the original terraplas® product. Robert Else looks back on this seminal work with pride: “Wembley Stadium was then, as it is still to this day, one of the busiest concert and event venues worldwide.” The development of terraplas® was designed to address the very specific needs of a stadium wishing to hold sports events and concerts in quick succession, with the need to maintain the quality of their ‘hallowed turf’ pitch. As the story goes, Wembley’s original terraplas® system was sold to a rental company when the stadium was demolished for rebuilding. That system is still in use today, and is rented out on a very regular basis – a true demonstration of the longevity of Terraplas’ products. “Our quality of materials and the consistency of our professional design fully justifies why our prices are not as low as our competitors. In fact, having seen the accomplishment of Terraplas, they have been trying to mimic this, without much success,” states Robert. Today, having flourished since that initial big break, the reputation of Terraplas is self-evident. Robert’s proud statements, attesting to the prestige that his enterprise has gained, speaks volumes of his ambitions and the realisation of his business goals. “The name ‘Terraplas’ is synonymous with ‘turf protection’ and has become the generic term – like Hoover is to vacuum cleaners, Kleenex is to tissues and Coke is to cola drinks. Almost all of the world’s multi-purpose national stadiums have chosen Terraplas ahead of the competition. The quality of our products is evident in their continual outstanding performance and proven lifespan. Virtually every system that Terraplas has sold in its 25 years is still in use today – an unmatchable demonstration of why it is better to buy the best that the industry has to offer.” Robert considers the practicalities that Terraplas must face in their industry, remarking upon the process from his expert perspective on materials, effective costing, and practical manufacturing. “The cost of a system,” he explains, “is not limited to the initial purchase price; all of the ongoing costs must be considered, especially for projects of such a scale as a football stadium. For example, all of Terraplas’ tiles are pre-assembled in panels of an optimum size that can be handled by two people for fitting and lifting, whilst also covering as much area as possible with each panel. This means that compared to fitting single tiles – which often happens with other products – Terraplas can cover around four square metres with each panel, depending on which product, making fitting and lifting around four times faster, saving a huge amount of labour costs in the process. “Additionally, knowing that the product has a long lifespan means that they do not have to go through the extensive process of researching a new system every couple of years. Nor, incidentally, do they need to replace broken panels under normal usage of the system.” A Legacy of Quality: Terraplas Terraplas’ products, made from translucent high- density polyethylene (HDPE), can be found in an increasing number of arenas, and that is not simply down to the sheer longevity of the product – since first introducing terraplas® to the market in 1991, their range has diversified to incorporate different panel types suitable for a variety of functions. terracover-ICE®, as the name would suggest, is designed as an ice conversion covering, but is also truly multifunctional. Being able to support ice hockey one day, basketball the next, then a concert, mass gathering or exhibition the day after, has generated considerable additional revenue streams for Terraplas’ clients through being able to field a greater range of spectator events. In addition, the terratrak® family of products is Terraplas’ strongest, most cost-effective flooring solution. The full four-inch overlap between each panel does away with fragile joining loops, also incorporating a series of locating bosses. This design, as well as giving unrivalled strength, acts as a barrier to stop liquids from penetrating to the grass, ensuring that there is no damage to the turf. W Sustainability & Eco