Home Builder Awards 2017

Build Home Builder Awards 2017 4 stablished in 1984 by brother’s Brian and Luke Comer along with fellow director Mr. Thomas Donnellan, The Comer Group has since grown now encompasses 150 companies worldwide with projects in England, Belgium, Ireland, Germany and Uganda. The portfolio is self-managed to maximise the Group’s return on investment and efficiently run with invaluable expertise and knowledge. Its extensive development programme and investment interests include luxurious residential homes, office parks, retail parks, hotels and leisure facilities, retirement homes, equestrian property and farm land. The group has special expertise in creating homes of great charm, character and distinction. It identifies and acquires landmark buildings often with unique architecture and landscaped grounds that can be transformed into state-of-the-art living spaces while systematically restoring, preserving and enhancing the original structure. Brian outlines how the group’s leadership and workforce are all entirely focused on quality in order to deliver the very best results for every client the firm works with. “Given our background and knowledge of construction methods, The Comer Group directors have the expertise to take on challenging projects. Our team’s skills apply vision and style to achieve viable planning consents that maximise the potential of the company’s sites and ultimately produce developments of distinction. The ‘hands on’ management style of the directors avoids a complex corporate process and minimises potential delays so that the group can make the most of investment opportunities and realise a profitable financial return. Each project has its own character, we therefore then construct a development specific programme liaising with contractors’ to ensure that they are fully aware of timelines and approach methodology. “This approach is in line with our overall mission: To provide high quality and luxurious houses and apartments to the general public. As a company Comer Homes is renowned for the high quality of its residential and commercial developments and is an award winning developer of luxury homes, and by identifying suitable development sites considering location and if applicable listed building restrictions we are able to build upon this and as such build upon our success and continue to support our clients. We also have our own construction teams, specialising in both new build and conservation/restoration, as well as high quality contractors and a very high skilled labour force which ensures the quality of everything we do.” One of the firm’s recent projects was its work at Royal Connaught Park in Bushey, Hertfordshire, a stunning location which has been used by Hollywood and British filmmakers thanks to its close proximity to Elstree and Pinewood Studios, and the building was recently used in the Harry Potter films as the exterior setting for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. A unique development of both refurbished and new build luxury apartments, town houses and detached houses set within a grade II listed building with over 100 acres of private mature parkland. A huge part of this scheme was the building of the state of the art leisure facilities. The opulent swimming pool is actually built under the great hall. The group’s construction Director, Tom Donnellan over saw the complex dig, installing new foundations some six meters plus below the original before restoring the original parquet flooring with the addition of a structural glass section. The result being a real tour de force for modern engineering in this listed historic setting. Another development which Brian is keen to discuss was Truro Place, located in Palmers Green, North London; a collection of luxury three and four-bedroom family homes and two bedroom apartments set within a private gated development. “Truro House, having been in the ownership of the same family for 100 years, had fallen in to serious disrepair. Initially the building would appear to be a 19th century Villa but closer inspection shows that it has undergone many stages of alteration in its time line and has an amalgam of styles and features possibly acquired from other buildings in the past. This makes the building not only incredibly interesting but also requires multiple restoration methods and techniques. Furthermore, insufficient foundations were used during the extension of Truro House historically, which put the building at significant risk of collapse. “In order to overcome these challenges, our team worked hard to devise a method of underpinning and structurally consolidating the building with Best Luxury Home Developer - South England The Comer Group is one of the United Kingdom’s largest and most successful property companies with a global reach and a vast portfolio of projects including the building used as the façade for Hogwarts school in the Harry Potter films. We invited Chairman Brian Comer to talk us through how every member of his team aims to achieve excellence across the group and provide clients with the very highest level of service. E HB170001 Company: The Comer Group Name: Brian Comer – Chairman of the Comer Group UK Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.thecomergroup.com Address: The Comer Group UK Head Office, Royal Drive, London, N11 3FL Telephone: 020 8361 2424