Home Builder Awards 2017

5 Home Builder Awards 2017 Build the Local Authority conservation officers and Historic England to ensure that a sympathetic approach was agreed. Monthly reports were prepared by our in house historic building specialist, and issued to the conservation officers so that the work was properly monitored and recorded. Many of the damaged features were painstakingly recreated by our craftsman Joiners and Masons producing high quality like for like replacements for the feature staircases, leadwork, fireplaces and portico. Materials were carefully selected for appropriateness and longevity using modern materials to secure this wonderful, usable luxury building for its new steward for many years to come. Additionally, the design aspects of the new build blocks were presented to the local area conservation group to ensure the design was not in conflict with the historic listed building and worked within the greater setting.” Although based in London, The Comer Group are regularly developing throughout the South East of England, and therefore dealing with many regions, with each having its own benefits and issues. Brian discusses these in detail, explaining how his firm works to ensure that it is compliant wherever it works. “Local Building Control regulations within Ireland are substantially more restrictive than the UK so, as for one of our recent projects, the Ballsbridge development, no interference with the phreatic surface and natural transient hydrology are allowed. In the UK, it is standard practice for de-watering to occur in hydrologically active basement constructions; choices are varied but can include stabilising the soil medium and reducing the permeability of the soil per se or setting in place (using sub-zero saline) a barrier vertical layer or even adjusting the phreatic profile by installing a series of draw off wells. “Ballsbridge had no such capacity with free flow into the basement dig out areas being required and then the emergent water being pumped out via the surface system. This can result in increases to costs and reduced working capacity in the short term but does undoubtedly give a quicker appreciation of any effects which the amended profile (due to the installation of new basements) can cause. Our technical teams are drawn from consultants with local expertise in managing the policies of local government and engineering oversight; which allows Comer Group to mesh seamlessly within whichever European sphere they operate. “Alongside the challenges we face working across various regions, recent regulation changes regarding renewable energy, reduction in C02 emissions in the UK affect our design process, and as such we now work much harder at the design stage to ensure that the approach taken is appropriate to the development in question, whether it be energy centre design, renewables or even insulation or triple glazing specification.” Ultimately, under the leadership of Brian and Luke Comer, the group has laid a very solid foundation to maximise forthcoming opportunities. Through astute planning and strategy, the group is confident of achieving its ambitious growth plans. Future success is eagerly anticipated as the group continues to implement its many development plans with inspiration, organisation, reputation and a highly experienced team. Brian concludes by expressing his optimism for the future as the group looks to undertake a number of exciting new developments and build upon its current success. “Moving forward, we have a number of great projects on the horizon, many of which are already underway, which will provide us with a lot of great opportunities to enhance our current expertise and build our portfolio. These include our work at Carmel College, Wallingford, Oxfordshire and our development of the Royal Winchester House in Bracknell, which we are converting into 311 luxurious apartments set within a 19 storey building in the heart of the town centre. We are looking forward to completing these projects and showcasing the work we have done, as well as working with new clients in the future.”