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BUILD magazine is delighted to announce that the return of our Sustainable Building Awards. An award programme created to show gratitude to the innovation of ground-breaking firms, enterprises and individuals, across the sector, who for years, have provided who have worked tirelessly to ensure the global community decreases its collective carbon footprint. Due in part to incredible advancements in technology, in addition to the sheer hard work, Sustainable Building has transformed into a billion-dollar industry which is making a difference in daily and future living.


As the industry moves forward in the face of adversity, we look to recognise the grit and determination of the workmen and women dedicating themselves to the design and construction these sustainable buildings.


Regardless of whether you provide services or products, you are welcome to take part in these awards. So why not celebrate the success of the industry with BUILD Magazine and the Sustainable Building Awards 2019? The perfect platform to showcase your success.

Read last years winners supplement by clicking below:

If you know of, or are, someone deserving of acknowledgement for work done, let us know by filling in the voting form below.

Sustainable Building Awards 2019

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